#​550 — April 10, 2024

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Postgres Weekly

Awesome Postgres: A Curated List of 200+ Libraries, Tools, and Resources — A handy, curated resource that’s been around for years but continues to get updates. It covers all areas from backups to GUI clients, managed services to Docker images, blogs, and more. You can also contribute your own suggestions via the repo.

Asad Dhamani and Contributors

A Simple Query with a Big Problem“Most of the time, PostgreSQL invisibly optimizes our queries, but sometimes, a query wreaks havoc..” If you like debugging stories, this is a good one.

Eric Fritz

Save the Date for POSETTE: An Event for Postgres — Wondering who will be speaking at the 3rd annual POSETTE: An Event for Postgres? POSETTE is a free & virtual developer event organized by the Postgres team at Microsoft. Schedule drops May 1, event is Jun 11-13. In the meantime, save the date!

Microsoft sponsor

Protect Your Database with pg_tde (Transparent Data Encryption) — A tech preview release of an extension from Percona designed to provide transparent data encryption capabilities to Postgres. GitHub repo.

Kai Wagner (Percona)

Compiling Postgres on macOS to Test Documentation and Patches — One developer’s experience compiling and installing Postgres from source. (And not just any developer, but the author of Pragmatic’s High Performance PostgreSQL for Rails).

Andrew Atkinson

🎤 Becoming Expert at Using PostgreSQL with Chris Ellis — The latest episode of the Path to Citus Con podcast. Chris Ellis et al.

📄 Why Postgres Extensions Should be Packaged and Distributed as OCI Images Álvaro Hernández

📄 PL/pgSQL Conversion Gotchas: How to Handle Conflicting Variables. Deepak Mahto

📄 A Day in the Life of a Postgres Engineer at Fujitsu Hayato Kuroda

📄 PgBouncer Connection Pooler for Postgres Now Supports More Session Vars Emel Simsek (Citus Data)

📄 Features I Wish Postgres Had as a Developer Tianzhou (Bytebase)

📰 Classifieds

▶️ How Figma scaled out their Postgres installation by 100x over 4 years, and switched to horizontal sharding using their DBProxy query proxy.

Tech professionals using Postgres need their domains from a registrar they can trust. Get .dev, .app, or .foo for just $5 from Porkbun now.

🛠 Code and Tools

Building the Best Postgres GUI? PopSQL Joins Timescale — The team behind the PopSQL collaborative SQL editor has joined Timescale.


pgmock: An In-Memory Postgres for Unit/E2E Testing — No external dependencies and runs entirely within WebAssembly on both Node.js and the browser. Here’s how it works.


Announcing PL/.NET 0.99: A Public Beta Release — pl/dotnet adds full support for C# and F# to Postgres (like this). If you're in the .NET space, they want you to kick the tires a bit ahead of a final 1.0 release. GitHub repo.

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