#​549 — April 3, 2024

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📅 Several issues ago, we included a list of upcoming Postgres events. It was so popular, we're including it again with some updates. If you have an event you want listed, reply and let me know for next time!
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Postgres Weekly

R.I.P. Postgres Maintainer Simon Riggs — It’s with much sadness we share the news that Postgres contributor (and author of several Postgres books) Simon Riggs has died in a crash at Duxford airfield in the UK. The core team shared its own tribute noting his contributions, including point-in-time recovery, hot standby, and synchronous replication. His final talk was at PGConf EU in December about ▶️ the next 20 years of Postgres.

Josh Berkus et al.

Contributing to Postgres 101: A Beginner's Experience — I’ve recently seen some people lament how difficult it can be to figure out how to contribute to certain open source projects, so if that’s you with Postgres, Elizabeth’s experiences in submitting a patch and getting it approved will be super useful.

Elizabeth Christensen

Optimize Database Performance with Crunchy Bridge — Boost your Postgres performance with Crunchy Bridge! YNAB experienced 30% more IOPS and a 10% cost reduction. Scale seamlessly, stay on vanilla Postgres, and optimize spend. Read more in the YNAB case study.

Crunchy Bridge sponsor

Taming WAL File Growth — A quick introduction to the Write Ahead Log subsystem in Postgres, including a look at the key things to monitor for detecting WAL file build up.

RapidLoop / pgDash


journald and Syslog Logging in Postgres — Using journald and syslog logging with Postgres isn’t a new idea, but Laurenz thinks more people should be giving it a go and so has put together this basic tutorial: “I switched my PostgreSQL instance to syslog logging, and I don’t think I will switch back.”

Laurenz Albe

Why Has Figma Reinveted the Wheel with Postgres? — A closer look at Figma’s custom sharding solution with motivations and future predictions.

Denis Magda

📰 Classifieds

What’s the State of the Database Landscape 2024? Our survey reveals how data professionals are feeling in 2024. How will this impact you?

📅 The PASS Data Community Summit is a major database event that has added Postgres coverage in recent years. This year it's in Seattle, November 4-8, and the CFP is open.

Real-Time Text Translation using the azure_ai Extension in Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Denzil Ribeiro

Building a Managed Postgres Service in Rust: Part 1 — A little peek behind the scenes at Tembo.

Adam Hendel

Best pg_basebackup Compression Settings for v15+

Kaarel Moppel

🛠 Code and Tools

  • DoltgreSQL 0.5 – Version-controlled Postgres – a Postgres-flavored version of Dolt, a Git-inspired database.

  • PGlite 0.1.1 – Lightweight Postgres packaged as WASM into a TypeScript library for the browser, Node.js, Bun and Deno. Now supports Postgres array types.

  • Ora2Pg 24.3 – Tool to help migrate from Oracle to Postgres.

  • pg_partman 5.1 & 4.8 – Partition management extension.

  • sqlc 1.26 – Generate type-safe Go code from SQL. (Includes an important security fix for users using output plugins.)

  • pgmoneta 0.10 – Postgres backup / restore solution.

  • Prisma 5.12 – Popular ORM for Node.js and TypeScript.

  • scany 2.1.2 – Go library to slurp data from a DB into structs.

  • plpgsql_check 2.7.5 – PL/pgSQL linter.