#​551 — April 17, 2024

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Postgres Weekly

The Postgres 17 Features I'm Most Waiting for — It’s still several months away, but Postgres 17 is shaping up to be yet another great release. A lot of items in today's issue are about Postgres 17 – everyone's getting excited!

Henrietta Dombrovskaya

📊 Ten Years of Improvements in Postgres's Optimizer“I decided to run the join order benchmark (JOB)1 on PostgreSQL 8 through 16. I recorded the 90th percentile query latency for each database version.”

Ryan Marcus

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Supabase Declares 'General Availability' — I hadn’t noticed Supabase has been rocking ‘beta’ all this time, but the Postgres, auth, realtime, and edge functions platform has decided – some 1 million databases into their journey – that now they’re ready for anything!


In other Supabase news, the Oriole team has joined Supabase. If you recall, OrioleDB is an effort to create a new 'cloud native' storage engine for Postgres.


📈 In the latest DB-Engines database rankings for April 2024, Postgres has seen the largest surge in popularity.

🚀 Neon's serverless Postgres platform is now generally available. The news provoked quite a bit of discussion on Hacker News.

🪙 Did you know the Postgres project commissions gifts for contributors? Here's what Luca Ferrari's newly received Postgres 16 coin looks like. 😍

🎧 The Hacking Postgres podcast is back for a second season and launches with an interview with Andrew Atkinson, author of High-Performance PostgreSQL for Rails.

✍️ Christoph Berg shares a quick trip report from PGConf.de 2024 which took place last week.

🙏 Is SQL/JSON 'coming back' to Postgres? We hope so.

Postgres Roles and Privileges — A follow along, tutorial style, guide to understanding how roles and privileges work.

Raminder Singh (Supabase)

Use Cases for Merging and Splitting Partitions with Minimal Locking in Postgres 17 — Some interesting new capabilities regarding managing partitioned tables are coming to Postgres 17.

Andrew Atkinson

Improved Query Cancellation in Postgres 17 and Psycopg 3.2 — Postgres 17 will gain some improved query cancellation capabilities and Python users will hopefully be able to take advantage from day one.

Denis Laxalde

📄 What I Learned Building a Postgres Extension In Rust Goodness Duru

📄 PL/pgSQL Conversion Gotchas: How to Handle Conflicting Variables Deepak Mahto

📄 Rebuilding Tables Online using pg_repack Manisankar K

📄 Five Tips on Postgres Logical Decoding Sai Srirampur

📄 Will Postgres Use My Index or Not? Denis Magda

📄 What Makes a Great Technical Blog Phil Eaton

📰 Classifieds

Learn how you can boost your data transformation and analysis process using PostgreSQL in this three-part series from Simple Talk.

📧 If you do any work with browser technologies, CSS, HTML, Web APIs, etc, be sure to check out Frontend Focus, our sister newsletter covering everything frontend.

🛠 Code and Tools

Vasco: MIC & MINE Statistics Extension — Maximal information coefficient (MIC) and maximal information-based nonparametric exploration (MINE) are statistical measures that can be used to explore multi-dimensional datasets and find important relationships within them.

Florents Tselai

Postgres + SQLite = pglite? — Not to be confused with the PGlite WASM build of Postgres, this is a quick Go-powered proof of concept to put the Postgres wire protocol in front of SQLite.


trdsql: Tool to Execute SQL Queries Upon Text-Based Data — A CLI tool that can execute SQL queries (in Postgres or MySQL syntax) on CSV, LTSV, JSON, YAML and TBLN files. It can also be used as a library within Go apps.

Noboru Saito