#​457 — June 1, 2022

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Neon: An Open Source Serverless Alternative to AWS Aurora Postgres? — This is the codebase behind an eponymously named company (founded by Nikita Shamgunov who co-founded MemSQL) building a multi-cloud serverless Postgres platform and giving us strong PlanetScale vibes right now, but with extra source.


On View Permissions and Row-Level SecurityViews provide a handy way to give access to a predefined SQL query and they can also be used as an extra layer of security by restricting access to a view’s underlying table while still allowing use of the view. This post covers the basics while also looking at Postgres 15’s forthcoming security_invoker option.

Laurenz Albe

Postgres Possibilities with Elastic Scale? That’s CockroachDB — Unlike Postgres managed services from AWS and GCP, auto-scaling CockroachDB lets you build fast with familiar syntax, minimize operations, and pay as you go. Plus the cloud freedom to deploy your workloads wherever and however you like.

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Looking Under the Hood at AlloyDB's Columnar Engine — Two weeks ago, we mentioned Google’s release of AlloyDB, its Aurora-a-like Postgres-compatible scalable managed database. This post digs a little more into its unique features and how a columnar engine enables (significantly) faster performance on certain types of query.

Sheshadri Ranganath (Google Cloud)

Near Real-Time Notifications from Aurora PostgreSQL with Triggers, Lambda, and SNS — This is the sort of plumbing work that AWS is very well suited for. This tutorial covers the process of enabling notifications of data changes on a Postgres-compatible Aurora database to be sent through a serverless function and then on to other places via SNS. Just be careful not to send yourself an email every time a table gets a new row added.. ;-)

Wajid Ali Mir and Anjan Mukherjee

The Architecture of pgAdmin 4pgAdmin is a popular browser-based Postgres dashboard and management tool and if you’ve wondered what moving parts it has, these diagrams are for you. Did you realize pgAdmin has a database that isn’t Postgres at the heart of it…?

Yogesh Mahajan (EDB)

Compose Transporter 1.1: Sync Data Between Persistence Engines — I love how it bills itself “like ETL only not stodgy”. This Go-powered tool lets you connect together various databases (MongoDB, Postgres, MySQL, Elasticsearch, and more), files, and other resources, run some basic transformations (optionally) and then send the data off elsewhere. So, yes, ETL basically.


How to Backup and Restore Data with pg_rmanpg_rman is a Postgres backup and restore tool we’ve not mentioned before, but it’s been around many years and supports right up to Postgres 15 beta. Its goal is to be as easy to use as pg_dump but work for online backups.

David Zhang

Querying SQLite and Postgres Data from DuckDBPostgresScanner provides an FDW-style integration between DuckDB, a popular in-process SQL OLAP DBMS (imagine SQLite but for OLAP), and Postgres.


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Exporter2Perfdata: Connecting Postgres Monitoring Toolsexporter2perfdata is a new open source tool (written in Go) that collects metrics from Prometheus exporters and converts it to perfdata format for Icinga 2 / Nagios.

Crunchy Data

A Guide to Managed PostgreSQL Services — A basic but useful list and series of considerations.

Dan Townsend

How to Cancel a Hanging Postgres Query
Laurenz Albe