#​458 — June 8, 2022

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Postgres Weekly

The 2022 State of PostgreSQL Survey is Now Open — The folks at Timescale are running their third annual survey of the Postgres community, and given the results of such surveys tend to make for interesting reading (you can read last year’s results here) it’d be neat if you could take part. (I just did it and it took 3-4 minutes.)


A Balanced Approach to Automatic Postgres Indexing: The New Version of the pganalyze Index Advisor — The pganalyze Index Advisor is a tool that can help you figure out what indexes your database could benefit from and now there’s a new version of the tool ready to use promising less ‘noise’ and more helpful (and ranked) suggestions.

Jens Nikolaus

Serverless Edge Cache for Global Low Latency Postgres — Scale reads globally for low latency, high query performance (consistent <1ms) and massive concurrency. PolyScale.ai is a plug-and-play serverless edge cache for Postgres. Scale globally in minutes without writing code or deploying infrastructure.

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Quick bits:

Reducing Read I/O Costs on Amazon Aurora with Range Partitioning — Aurora’s ‘pay as you use’ model incurs some financial implications around just how heavy you want to lean on I/O. This post shows how using a time-based partitioning policy can reduce costs on a database using 33TB of data and ingesting 44GB per day.

Imseih and Biran (AWS)

How pganalyze Built its Indexing Engine — We mentioned pganalyze’s index suggestion tool above, but if you’re curious as to how it actually works under the covers, this is the article for you.

Lukas Fittl

How to Handle Logical Replication Conflicts — Fujitsu’s Takamichi Osumi explains how new mechanisms coming to Postgres (and already usable in the Postgres 15 beta) make it easier to address replication conflicts.

Takamichi Osumi

Effective Postgres Cluster Configuration and Management Using PGO v5.1PGO is a Postgres operator for Kubernetes that handles cluster management, customization, and more.

Andrew L'Ecuyer

See How Many Hours Engineers Really Spend Coding in the State of Engineering Time Report

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Postgres Docker Container Migration Cheat Sheet — It’s very basic, but.. “I just finished migrating a postgres database to a new host. To remember how to do it next time, I’m writing down the commands I used here.”

Garrit Franke

Psycopg3: Powerful Tech Preview with SQLAlchemy 2.0 — One for the Pythonistas in the house.
Matt Buck

How To Install and Use Postgres on Ubuntu 22.04
Mark Drake and Kong Yang

🔧 Code and Tools:

ZomboDB: Use Elasticsearch to Power Postgres Indexes — We linked to this in beta a few years ago and it's time for a revisit! Zombo brings powerful text-search and analytics features to Postgres by using Elasticsearch as an index type. ZomboDB brings powerful text-search and analytics features to Postgres by using Elasticsearch as an index type, providing new and creative ways to query your data. You use CREATE INDEX ... USING zombodb on your existing tables and Zombo manages the rest of the integration.


pgsql-http: An HTTP Client for Postgres — Would you like to be able to call web services from a trigger, say? Here’s your chance.

Paul Ramsey

pgtt 2.8: Extension to Manage and Use Oracle-Style Global Temporary Tables — Postgres 15 support has now been added.

Gilles Darold

FerretDB 0.3: An In-Progress, Go-Powered MongoDB Alternative — But it uses Postgres as the storage engine.

zhparser: An Extension for Chinese Language Full-Text Search