#​456 — May 25, 2022

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Postgres Weekly

PostgreSQL Anonymizer 1.0: Privacy By Design for Postgres — An extension that hides or replaces personally identifiable information (PII) or commercially sensitive data in your database using one of three different strategies. With this 1.0 release, it’s now considered ready for production. Project homepage.


Postgres 15 Beta 1 Released — Last week we linked to the draft release notes but now the actual beta is here. Don’t expect to roll it out into production just yet, but you can play with it quite quickly using the just released Docker image 15beta1. I've written a quick tutorial on spinning up Postgres 15 with Docker if you're new to the idea.

PostgreSQL Global Development Group

Webinar: How to Reason About Indexing Your Postgres Database — We provide a deep dive into how Postgres deterministically chooses which index to use for a specific query and walk through a methodology for analyzing queries & creating and optimizing indexes. Register now and join our webinar on June 16th, 9:30am PDT.

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Speeding Up Sort Performance in Postgres 15 — A fantastic look at the results of the work that’s been put in to making sorting – about as fundamental an operation as it gets in a database – faster in Postgres. Will your queries run faster on Postgres 15? Most likely.

David Rowley

Unfinished Business with Postgres — Craig (who now works at Crunchy Data) was a key player in Heroku’s managed Postgres service and in this post he tells some of the story of how it came together, some of the technical considerations around its operation, and, well, the sheer amount of care that went into making it run well.

Craig Kerstiens

Query Optimization: LEFT JOIN vs UNION ALL — The author encountered a simple looking query that was taking a disproportionate amount of time to run, and in this post works through a somewhat more complicated, but faster, alternative.

David Christensen

WAL-G 2.0 Released: The Archival and Restoration Tool — WAL-G is a tool for creating encrypted and compressed Postgres (and MySQL or SQL Server) backups with support for numerous compression approaches like LZ4, LZMA and Brotli. GitHub repo.

Citus Data

Instant Heatmaps with pg_featureserv — Despite the name, pg_featureserv isn’t a Postgres extension but is instead a Go-based microservice that provides RESTful access to PostGIS – this quick tutorial shows how to bring together the various parts to use it to make a dynamic heatmap.

Paul Ramsey

Optimize Database Inefficiencies with Datadog Database Monitoring

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Let's Build a Distributed Postgres Proof of Concept in Go(lang) — Could you put together a mini Postgres in 600 lines of code? A neat example of some of the complicated things you can get done with just a little bit of code in Go (even if third-party packages do much of the lifting here.)

Phil Eaton

How to Install Postgres 10 thru 14 On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9RHEL 9 was released last week.

Devrim Gündüz

Moving Postgres Data 26X Faster with Azure Data Factory — If you’re using Postgres on Azure and you need to get data either into or out of a database en masse, Azure Data Factory has to be on your radar, especially now it’s even faster than before.

Halil Ozan Akgul