#​409 — June 9, 2021

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Postgres Weekly

PLV8 3.0: V8 JavaScript, But for Postgres — JavaScript in the browser, on the server.. but what about inside your database? PLV8 brings the power of JavaScript into Postgres procedures/triggers/etc, by way of this extension which has just hit a new major version. Documentation here.

plv8 team

EXPLAIN ANALYZE and How to Interpret Its Results — This article gives a brief introduction to EXPLAIN ANALYZE, explains what to look for, and shows some helpful tools to visualize the output.

Laurenz Albe

Postgres Vision 2021 - Free Online Conference (June 22-23) — With explosive data growth comes challenges — and opportunities. Leaders from around the world will be at Postgres Vision 2021 sharing how Postgres has created value for their organization. Will you be there?

EDB sponsor

Use BIGINT in Postgres“I started changing my default mindset to using BIGINT over INT, reversing my long-held habit. This post explains why I default to using BIGINT and examine the performance impacts of the decision”.

Ryan Lambert

How Turning Autocommit Mode Off Could Damage Your Database — Postgres automatically runs each statement you issue in its own transaction unless you explicitly start a transaction.

Laurenz Albe

HypoPG 1.3.0: Hypothetical Indexes for Postgres — It’s amazing we first mentioned this project 296 issues ago(!) You can use HypoPG to create indexes that don’t actually exist but which can be used to suss out if certain indexes might be used by the query planner to improve performance. This week’s new release adds support for hypothetical hash indexes in Postgres 10+.

PostgreSQL GLobal Development Group

DigitalOcean's Managed Databases Service Now Supports Postgres 13 — Well, Postgres 10, 11, 12 and 13, we should say. Plus MySQL and Redis. It’s an appealing option if you’re on DO or want something cheaper than RDS. ElephantSQL is another player to consider in the budget managed Postgres space too.

Mark Huber (DigitalOcean)

Finding the Root Cause of Slow Postgres Queries Using EXPLAIN — An in-depth guide on how to use Postgres EXPLAIN to find and improve problematic query plans and how to use auto_explain.

pganalyze sponsor

Migrating from Oracle to Postgres with Datastream — A toolkit that makes the migration “easier and minimizes downtime” according to Google. Datastream is a still in preview Google Cloud serverless data capture and replication service.

Dylan Hercher (Google Cloud)

How Postgres Can Provide Access to Time Zone Abbreviations

Bruce Momjian