#​408 — June 2, 2021

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Postgres Weekly

Better JSON in Postgres with Postgres 14 — While Postgres has had solid JSON and JSONB support for years, one of the nicest new features in Postgres 14 is the support for subscripting which can provide an (arguably) more natural way to work with JSON objects in queries.

Craig Kerstiens

🎂  PostGIS at 20PostGIS, the popular set of geospatial extensions for Postgres, has turned twenty years old. This post covers a little of the early history.

Paul Ramsey

How to Deploy A Multi-Region App in 3 Steps — Multi-Region applications are more resilient and can deliver better latency. Learn how to set one up in three steps.

Cockroach Labs sponsor

PolarDB: Another Postgres-Based Database — Out of Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba comes a new Postgres-based database that aims to provide global data consistency, ACID across nodes, and to be more distributed generally. Think something like Aurora but open-source. It’s rather early days, but there’s a roadmap if you want to see where they’re headed with it.

Alibaba Group

Enabling and Disabling Autovacuum — The topic of Postgres’s ‘autovacuum’ feature comes up a lot but really it’s just the automated cleaning and maintenance of tables. This post digs a little into what it does and why you can’t really turn it ‘off.’

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

Handling Global Associative Arrays in Postgres — Enabling the possibility of handling global associative arrays while performing migrations from Oracle to Postgres. Enter a little TCL..

Michael Suman

pgSCV: A Metrics Exporter for Postgres — A new tool that attempts to go beyond what postgres_exporter offers by making it easy to collect ‘almost all metrics’ from Postgres with as minimal configuration as possible. GitHub repo.

Alexey Lesovsky

Fauna - All the Goodness of Postgres, Without Operational Bottlenecks — Fauna combines the safety of Postgres with schema flexibility, modern capabilities and limitless scale. Learn more...

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SQLite fdw 2.0.0 Released for PostgreSQL — A foreign data wrapper to work with SQLite from Postgres 9.6, 10, 11, 12, and 13. GitHub repo.

Toshiba Software Engineering

▶  'Explain Analyze' (A Cover of Feliz Navidad) — Ha. A bit of musical fun here from a Postgres user group. We want to wish you some faster queries, from the bottom of our heart! :-)

Warsaw PostgreSQL Users Group

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