#​407 — May 26, 2021

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Postgres Weekly

PostgreSQL 14 Beta 1 Released — The first “this is ready for you to give it a try” release of the next major release is here. What do we get?

PostgreSQL Global Development Group

An Early Look at Postgres 14: Performance and Monitoring Improvements — The official news (above) is one thing, but it’s always nice to see someone in the community chewing over a release and the implications in areas beyond just the feature set.

Lukas Fittl

Finding the Root Cause of Slow Postgres Queries Using EXPLAIN — In this in-depth guide, you will learn how to use Postgres EXPLAIN to find and improve problematic query plans, how you can improve these query plans, and how to use auto_explain to automatically start collecting EXPLAIN plans.

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Simulating UPDATE or DELETE with LIMIT: CTEs to The Rescue — Ever yearned for an UPDATE or DELETE statement with a LIMIT feature? Well, it’s not quite that simple out-of-the-box, and even the SQL standard has no say in the matter, but David brings a worthwhile approach together here. An enjoyable post!

David Christensen

On Bulk Loading Huge Amounts of Data — This is one of those perennial topics and if you’ve tried loading huge amounts of data into a Postgres data en masse, you’ll know why.. there are numerous approaches, pros and cons for each, and it’s easy to end up with a job that takes ages. Hans-Jürgen shares some useful pointers.

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

This Week's Postgres-Related Microsoft Build Announcements — Microsoft wants Azure to be ‘the best cloud’ for Postgres and at its latest developer event has unveiled a free, 12 month ‘offer’ for their Flexible Server Azure Database for PostgreSQL service, new security capabilities, and the latest Citus updates.

Sunil Kamath

Speeding Up Recovery with pgBackRest — Some tips on tweaking pgBackRest’s settings to make WAL restore and recovery a bit faster.

Don Seiler

📈 Analyzing Cryptocurrency Trends: Step-by-Step TutorialLearn how to explore crypto prices over time, complete with a sample dataset & 5+ SQL queries to jumpstart your analysis.

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Getting Started with Columnar Compression in Hyperscale (Citus) on Azure — Further to recent announcements regarding its Citus horizontal scaling system and its new columnar storage feature, this is a practical ‘how to’ on starting to use columnar storage on Azure specifically.

Jeff Davis (Microsoft)

Setting Up Streaming Replication for Postgres 13“If you are looking to set up streaming replication for PostgreSQL 13, this is the page you have been looking for.”

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

Forget SQL vs NoSQL: Get the Best of Both Worlds with JSON in Postgres — Preaching to the choir here, perhaps.

Derek Xiao

Porting An Array Length Function from Oracle's PL/SQL to PL/pgSQL
Dileep Kumar