#​410 — June 16, 2021

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Postgres Weekly

▶  On Postgres's Optimizer Methodology — EDB’s Robert Haas, a long time major contributor to Postgres, gave an hour long talk about two key parts of query optimization: join planning and statistics. This is technical stuff, but Robert does a great job of making reasonably opaque processes accessible, and knowing this stuff will up your Postgres game.

Robert Haas

Cross Joins in Postgres: Problems and Use Cases — A cross join or cross product between two tables is essentially their cartesian product, the combination of every row of one table with those of another.

Laurenz Albe

An Operations-Free, Scalable & Flexible Postgres Alternative — Fauna combines the operational integrity and relational modeling of Postgres with an interface and architecture that fits better with modern app development in the cloud. The goodness of Postgres without its operational bottlenecks - Learn more about Fauna.

Fauna sponsor

'Ignore Nulls' in Postgres — Despite the lack of specific ‘ignore nulls’ syntax, you can mimic such behavior by defining custom aggregates.

Jędrzej Biedrzycki

Counting Committed Memory on Linux — Linux’s memory manager can ‘overcommit’ memory meaning giving out virtual memory to processes with no guarantee that memory has any underlying physical storage. This has some relevance when looking at the ‘committed’ memory Postgres is using.

Greg Smith

Where To Get Postgres Help Online? — Robert outlines a few helpful places you might want to try if you have specific Postgres questions, including where the IRC (chat) channel has ended up after the recent Freenode fiasco.

Robert Treat

Do You Need Redis? Postgres Does Queuing, Locking, and Pub/Sub.. — I’m a huge Redis fan and while it’s common to have a mainstream database (like Postgres) and Redis running side by side, you could potentially just use Postgres for things like job queues or locks. There's only so far this can scale, however.. (I did say I'm a Redis fan!)

Chris Farber

HA with Patroni: Your Turn to Test Failure Scenarios — Learn how a Postgres high availability environment managed by Patroni works in practice.

Camargos and Augustine (Percona)

Speeding Up Postgres Integration Tests in Go — Using template databases and migrations for faster tests.

Markus Wüstenberg

Monitor Postgres Performance in Real-Time — Collect OOTB and custom PostgreSQL metrics and correlate them with data from your distributed infrastructure, applications, and logs.

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PostgREST: Serve a RESTful API from a Postgres Database — We’ve covered this popular tool numerous times. It’s a popular standalone app that turns a Postgres database into a RESTful API.

Joe Nelson and Steve Chavez

dadbod.vim: A Modern Database Interface for Vim — A Vim plugin for interacting with numerous databases, including Postgres.

Tim Pope

What Makes A Postgres Contributor? — Other than the frequent Person of the Week interviews, the spotlight isn’t often turned on Postgres’ vast array of contributors. Thanks to all of them for their work.

Joshua D. Drake