#266 — July 25, 2018

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Postgres Weekly

PDF:  How Postgres's SQL Dialect Stays Ahead of Its Competitors — Yes, it’s a slide deck, but it’s a Markus Winand slide deck and full of examples. I found a possibly unofficial video of the associated talk if you’re curious.

Markus Winand

More of My Favorite PostgreSQL Queries - and Why They Matter — A follow up to April’s popular post My favourite PostgreSQL queries and why they matter. This time the focus is on a multi-row UPDATE with a single CASE expression, with comparisons between that particular query and one involving multiple single UPDATE statements, plus a look at using cursors.

Joshua Otwell

Monitoring Your PostgreSQL Database with Telegraf and InfluxDB — Learn how to use Telegraf (the agent for collecting and reporting metrics & events) and InfluxDB (the fastest growing open source TSDB) to monitor your PostgreSQL database.

InfluxData sponsor

Dox: A Pure Postgres Document Database API — A set of functions written in PLPGSQL that help you use Postgres as a ‘schemaless’ document database with the least hassle. GitHub repo.

Rob Conery

Troubleshooting Postgres Streaming Replication Synchronization — A practical guide to detecting if your replicas are out-of-sync and how to restore them efficiently without a base backup.

Jonathan S. Katz

Troubleshooting Daily Write Spikes on RDS — An engineer at an Indonesian fintech company shares the story of tracing down the source of an unusual IO spike on their AWS RDS-based Postgres database.

Edwin Tunggawan

Scaling IoT Time Series Data with Postgres-BDR — Have you ever thought about using Postgres for IoT-type workloads? It’s possible. There’s also a second post looking at time-based partitioning for IoT data using pg_partman.

Muhammad Haroon

Using search_path and Views to Hide Columns for Reporting with Postgres — Tips on using Postgres schemas and views to provide access to data while keeping Personally Identifiable Information (PII) safe and hidden. From the distributed database team at Citus Data.


Using LISTEN/NOTIFY to Maintain an External In-Memory Cache — How to maintain an external cache in a Golang-powered service, using Postgres’s LISTEN and NOTIFY features.

Dimitri Fontaine

Real-Time Postgres Performance Monitoring. Try Datadog Free

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▶  Build Modern Applications using Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Microsoft Build


PGConf Brazil 2018 August 3 - 4 (São Paulo, Brazil) Two day conference with talks, tutorials, Couch Clinic, FishBowl and Lightning Talks.

PostgresOpen SV 2018 September 5-7 (San Francisco, CA) Two days packed with tutorials and presentations about PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL Day 2018 September 10 (Portland, Oregon) A day of presentations about PostgreSQL.