#265 — July 18, 2018

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Postgres Weekly

Gracefully Scaling to 10k Postgres Connections for Cheap — A now-complete three part series (part 2 and part 3) on how a team of engineers have scaled Postgres on the cheap using PgBouncer and Kubernetes.

Alexander H. Black

Tuning Postgres's Input/Output (I/O) Operations — PostgreSQL I/O is quite reliable, stable and performant on pretty much any hardware, including in the cloud. Here are steps you can take to tune the input and outputs of your database.

Venkata Nagothi

Real-time Postgres Performance Monitoring — Collect out-of-the-box and custom Postgres metrics and correlate them with data from across your distributed infrastructure and applications. Gain real-time performance insights and set intelligent alerts with Datadog. Try it free for 14-days.

Datadog sponsor

Verifying Postgres Backups Made Easier with New Google Tool — A new, open source PostgreSQL Page Verification command-line tool from Google lets you verify Postgres data files for Postgres installs that have checksums turned on.

Brett Hesterberg and Alexis Guajardo (Google)

Postgres 11’s Support for SQL 'GROUPS' and 'EXCLUDE' Window Function Clauses — Postgres 11 (still in beta) adds support for more SQL standard window function clauses. Here’s how they work and some example queries.

Lukas Eder

Should I Run Postgres on Kubernetes? — This post covers some reasons why to consider doing it, but this followup goes into why you shouldn’t.

Josh Berkus

Stream Changes from Amazon RDS using Amazon Kinesis Data Streams and AWS Lambda — How to integrate a central Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL database with other systems by streaming modifications into Amazon Kinesis Data Streams.

Amazon Web Services

Postgres Standard SQL Gap Analysis — PostgreSQL is very close to the SQL standard, yet there are some omissions. These are the gaps where it differs.

Markus Winand

PgHero: A Performance Dashboard for Postgres — Built in Ruby.

Andrew Kane

Encryption Module in EDB Postgres Earns FIPS 140-2 Validation

EnterpriseDB sponsor

pgmongo: Replace MongoDB with Postgres using JSONB — A Node-powered ‘drop in replacement’ for MongoDB that runs on Postgres but uses MongoDB’s wire protocol. Only 190 of 916 core Mongo tests pass so far but the basic functionality is there.

Thomas Hansen

kafka_fdw: Apache Kafka Foreign Database Wrapper for Postgres — Want to query Kafka directly from Postgres? This FDW allows you to treat a Kafka stream like a Postgres table.



PGConf Brazil 2018 August 3 - 4 (São Paulo, SP, Brazil) Two day conference with talks, tutorials, Couch Clinic, FishBowl and Lightning Talks.

PostgreSQL Day 2018 September 10 (Portland, Oregon) A day of presentations about PostgreSQL, an open source relational database management system.

Postgresql Conference Europe October 23-26 2018 (Lisbon, Portugal) The 10th Annual PostgreSQL Conference Europe which will be held at the Lisbon Marriott Hotel.