#267 — August 1, 2018

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Postgres Weekly

▶  Scaling Postgres: A Weekly Video Series — For almost six months now, experienced DBA Creston Jamison has been producing practical, weekly videos on working with Postgres.


Triggers and Stored Function Basics — By bringing data manipulation code into stored functions on your database you can avoid duplicating code on the client side and standardize operations if multiple apps are hitting the same DB. This is a thorough guide to setting it up with triggers and stored functions.

Berend Tober

Because Your Data Is Your Business — PostgreSQL Experts provides full-stack support for PostgreSQL, including database tuning, emergency support, and remote DBA services, including 24x7 support.

PostgreSQL Experts, Inc. sponsor

Setting Up a Fast, Comprehensive Search Routine with Postgres — One of the joys of working with Postgres is the ability to run full-text searches right out of the box. But how do you set this up?

Rob Conery

Batch Updates and Concurrency — A look at some considerations and helpful approaches for dealing with concurrency-related issues while doing large batch updates or data ingestion.

Dimitri Fontaine

Citus Introduces 'Landlord' for Per Tenant Stats — Citus is a Postgres extension well suited for distributed, multi-tenant apps and its new ‘landlord’ feature is designed to give maintainers per-tenant statistics.

Citus Data

Loading Data in Postgres 11 Beta Using Native Logical Replication from Postgres 10 in Amazon RDS

Jignesh Shah

Failover for PostgreSQL Replication 101 — Covers the basic definitions of failover in PostgreSQL replication, and shares some example scenarios where failover can be useful (before demonstrating how Severalnines’ own ClusterControl can help.)

Sebastian Insausti

Performance of Parallel Index Scans in PostgreSQL“When parallel index-only scan is used, both the aggregations as well as the join could be performed in parallel, hence improving the query performance.”

EnterpriseDB sponsor

Oracle-PostgreSQL Sync 1.0: A Tool to Synchronize Oracle and Postgres Databases — A commercial Windows app (Linux supported via WINE) for bi-directional incremental synchronization of Oracle and Postgres databases.

Intelligent Converters


PostgresOpen SV 2018 September 5-7 (San Francisco, CA) Two days packed with tutorials and presentations about PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL Day 2018 September 10 (Portland, Oregon) A day of presentations about PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL Conference Europe October 23-26 (Lisbon, Portugal) The 10th Annual PostgreSQL Conference Europe which will be held at the Lisbon Marriott Hotel.