#259 — June 6, 2018

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Postgres Weekly

Fun with SQL: Window Functions in Postgres — Window functions are key in various analytic and reporting use cases where you want to compare and contrast data.

Craig Kerstiens

Benchmarking Cassandra vs. TimescaleDB for Time-Series Data — How a five node TimescaleDB (a Postgres extension) cluster outperforms 30 Cassandra nodes, with higher inserts and up to 5800x faster queries.

Lee Hampton (TimescaleDB)

Multimodel Flexibility with EDB Postgres — Learn how the unique capabilities of EDB Postgres helps inMobi serve more than 26 billion ad impressions per month worldwide.

EnterpriseDB sponsor

Who Contributed to Postgres Development in 2017? — A belated look at those who contributed ‘at least 1 new line of code’ (that’s 170 people) to the Postgres project last year.

Robert Haas

PGInstaller: A GUI Based, User-Friendly Installer for Postgres — A Windows, Mac, & Linux-based option for installing Postgres 9.5, 9.6, 10 or 11 (beta).


Using Bits for Efficient Storage in Postgres — An example of how you can efficiently store millions of data points in Postgres using binary.

Chris Vaughn

PostgreSQL 11 Beta 1 Now Available in Amazon RDS Database Preview Environment — Want to play with Postgres 11 on AWS RDS already? It’s possible.

Amazon Web Services

More on Postgres Trigger Performance — A performance test of some complex Postgres trigger usage scenarios.

Kaarel Moppel

A Brief History of PostgreSQL — Ever wonder where PostgreSQL came from? This looks at the origin of Postgres and a few other databases you may be familiar with.

Wendy Kuhn

▶  Postgres 10, Performance, and You — PostgreSQL 11 is coming in a few months, but if you haven’t caught up on PostgreSQL 10 here’s the rundown of features and improvements contained–and some good excuses for why you should upgrade.

Gabe Enslein

Postgres-BDR3 Whitepaper Now Available - Features, Use Cases & Deployment

2ndQuadrant PostgreSQL Products sponsor

Odyssey: A Scalable Postgres Connection Pooler — Advanced multi-threaded PostgreSQL connection pooler and request router.



Swiss PGDay 2018 June 29 (Rapperswil, Switzerland) Take the opportunity to meet with other people interested in PostgreSQL in Switzerland.

PGDay.Amsterdam July 12 (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Meet & learn from other PostgreSQL users, developers and anyone who’s interested in the most advanced open source database.

PostgresOpen 2018 September 5-7 (San Francisco, CA) Two days packed with tutorials and presentations about PostgreSQL. Talk submissions will be accepted up until June 12.