#260 — June 13, 2018

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Postgres Weekly

Configuring Memory for Postgreswork_mem is a config setting that determines how much memory can be used during certain operations, but its behavior can sometimes be unintuitive. This article aims to help you understand work_mem better.

Craig Kerstiens

Recovery Use Cases for Logical Replication in Postgres 10 — A large classified ads site in Russia uses Postgres behind the scenes and in this article we get to see their approach to using Postgres’s logical replication features to improve the recovery process after crashes or data corruption.

Konstantin Evteev

Real-time PostgreSQL Monitoring — Collect out-of-the-box and custom PostgreSQL metrics and correlate them with data from your distributed infrastructure, applications, and logs. Gain real-time performance insights and set intelligent alerts with Datadog. Try it free for 14-days.

Datadog sponsor

Index Creation Can Make SELECT Performance Worse — Indexes generally tend to make select queries faster, but here we can see a walkthrough of a case where standard wisdom doesn’t hold true.

Laurenz Albe

Setting up Postgres 11 Beta 1 in Amazon RDS's Preview Environment — If you’re an RDS user you can play with the latest Postgres on it now.

Jignesh Shah

PostgresOpen 2018 Early Bird Registration Open — PostgresOpen is hosted in San Francisco this year on September 5-7.

United States PostgreSQL Association

Multi Datacenter Setups with Postgres — Some approaches and tools that can help you set up multi-datacenter Postgres deploys.

Viorel Tabara

Using Postgres to Generate 'Slugs' — Slugs are friendly, sanitized identifiers for resources.

Ian Ker-Seymer

Materialized Views with Postgres for Beginners

Stephanie Baltus

Download the PostgreSQL Automation Whitepaper (It’s Free)

Severalnines sponsor

Pgpool-II 3.7.4, 3.6.11, 3.5.15 and 3.4.18 Released — A connection pooling and load balancing tool for Postgres. Release notes.

Pgpool Global Development Group

Introducing ether_sql — A Python library to push Ethereum blockchain data into an SQL database.

Analyse Ether


PGDay.IT 2018 June 28 - 29 (Pacengo di Lazise, Italy) The Italian conference dedicated to PostgreSQL.

PGConf UK 2018 July 2 - 3 (London, UK) Will be held on July 3, with an optional training day on July 2, and will be hosted at 30 Euston Square.

Postgresql Conference Europe October 23 - 26 (Lisbon, Portugal) The 10th Annual PostgreSQL Conference Europe which will be held at the Lisbon Marriott Hotel.