#258 — May 30, 2018

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Postgres Weekly

PostgreSQL 11 Beta 1 Released — Introduces SQL stored procedures, JIT compilation for queries, and major improvements to partitioning and parallelism. For a bulleted list of the new features, see the draft release notes.

PostgreSQL Global Development Group

A Deep Dive into Postgres' Streaming Replication — A look at the history of Postgres’s built-in replication features and how streaming replication works.

Sebastian Insausti

JackDB: A Modern Database Client for Postgres — JackDB is a web-based database client with built-in tools for security and collaboration. Sign up for a free trial today.

JackDB, Inc. sponsor

Tuning Postgres Autovacuum for Scale — A perennially popular topic in the Postgres world is how to get the best out of the ‘autovacuuming’ procedure, where Postgres can automate the recovery of unneeded disk space and related maintenance activities. Here’s a related article on monitoring these processes.

Sourabh Ghorpade

PostGIS 2.5 Alpha: Spatial and Geographic Objects for Postgres — Designed to be used with the recently released Postgres 11 Beta. Draft manual here.

PostGIS Developers

Citus 7.4: An Update for the Distributed Postgres Extension — Citus 7.4 scales out Postgres through sharding, replication, and query parallelization.

Ozgun Erdogan (Citus Data)

Integrating Postgres with Authentication Systems — An overview of popular authentication systems based on LDAP, Kerberos and RADIUS, and how to integrate them with a Postgres database.

Venkata Nagothi

Simple Tips for Postgres Query Optimization“How to speed up your database performance 100x” Well, some queries at least.

Pavel Tiunov

PostgreSQL Data Types: ENUM — Continuing in the journey of Postgres datatypes we look at enum which allow you to specify specific values.

Dimitri Fontaine

Free New Whitepaper - Managing and Automating PostgreSQL

Severalnines sponsor

Pgfe: A New C++ API for Postgres

Dmitry Igrishin


Swiss PGDay 2018 June 29th, 2018 (Rapperswil, Switzerland) Take the opportunity to meet with other people interested in PostgreSQL in Switzerland.

PGDay.Amsterdam July 12th 2018 (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Meet & learn from other PostgreSQL users, developers and anyone who’s interested in the most advanced open source database.

Postgresql Conference Europe October 23-26 2018 (Lisbon, Portugal) The 10th Annual PostgreSQL Conference Europe which will be held at the Lisbon Marriott Hotel.