#257 — May 23, 2018

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Postgres Weekly

A Draft of the Postgres 11 Release Notes — Bruce Momjian has completed the draft version of the release notes for the forthcoming Postgres 11 release — so if you want to see what’ll be coming to Postgres soon, this is your one stop shop.

Bruce Momjian

Selecting All Columns Except One in Postgres — Google’s BigQuery has EXCEPT and REPLACE keywords for removing or replacing column results mid-query. Here’s a look at emulating such functionality on Postgres.

Lukas Eder

When It's Critical You Can Count on 2ndQuadrant — 2ndQuadrant support engineers have over 100 years of combined code contributions to the PostgreSQL project. We provide a guaranteed 15 minute response time and 24-hour bug fix - recovering your database quickly with minimal downtime.

2ndQuadrant PostgreSQL Services sponsor

Are Triggers Really That Slow in Postgres? — Postgres enables use of database side triggers for all kinds of use cases. From the performance side they are in most cases actually harmless as these results reveal.

Kaarel Moppel

Preparing Your Multi-Tenant App for Scale — Three key steps worth taking to ensure you won’t waste time when/if your database needs to scale.

Craig Kerstiens

Understanding Deadlocks in Postgres (and MySQL) — A look at what deadlocks are, why they happen, and some suggestions on how to manage them.

Sebastian Insausti

Full Text Search Made (Almost) Right in Postgres 11 — A look into how RUM indexes on Postgres 11 will make TOP-N and COUNT(*) queries for non-selective full text search queries significantly more efficient.

Alexander Korotkov

Mapping Oracle Datatypes to PostgreSQL — A table to help you map Oracle datatypes to Postgres ones.

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

Real-Time Postgres Performance Monitoring. Try Datadog Free

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Prisma Now Supports Postgres: Bring GraphQL to Postgres — Prisma is an open source layer for bringing GraphQL capabilities to existing databases and Prisma 1.8 introduces support for PostgreSQL.

Graphcool tools


Postgres Vision 2018 June 5-6 (Boston, USA) Postgres in the Cloud - Front and center at Postgres Vision 2018.

PGDay.IT 2018 June 28 - 29 (Pacengo di Lazise, Italy) The Italian conference dedicated to PostgreSQL.

PGConf UK 2018 July 2- 3 (London, UK) Will be held on July 3, with an optional training day on July 2, and will be hosted at 30 Euston Square.