Postgres Weekly Issue 86
December 18, 2014
Due to the Christmas break, we'll be back on January 8th. Happy Holidays!
PostgreSQL 9.4 Released: Increases Flexibility, Scalability and Performance
Postgres 9.4 is finally here including improved scalability with logical decoding performance gains with updates to GIN indexes and more, and of course the very much awaited JSONB datatype for even more flexibility in your datatypes. Give it a try today.
Substitute PostgreSQL for Your NoSQL Needs
SQL, NoSQL, KnowSQL are heavily overloaded terms. Postgres has long taken a liberal approach to datatypes and schema-less datatypes play very well in its world. Here’s a broader article that hints at much of this if you need a case vs. relational/NoSQL because with Postgres you really can have your cake and eat it too.
Adventures in Searching with Postgres: Part 2
Searching is a common theme lately, specifically text search in Postgres. While not always the most user-friendly feature, it’s undoubtedly powerful and in this article we dive deeper into some of the semantics of text search and how to take advantage of the features.
Matt Wean
Japan PostgreSQL Conference 2014
The number of Postgres conferences seems to just continue growing. Here’s a nice write-up of Japan’s latest Postgres conference and some of the themes that emerged from it.
SQLnoSQL: pg_shard and JSONB, part 1
We now have a working example and demo of using the pg_shard extension alongside the JSONB format, giving us all the perks of Postgres, solid sharding, and the flexibility of a schema-less datastore all in one.
Josh Berkus
Job: Help Index the Block Chain is the API for block chain developers. We have an experienced engineering team who is dedicated to building the world’s best Bitcoin platform. We are looking for a PostgreSQL expert to join the Data Engineering team.  Job
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