Postgres Weekly Issue 85
December 10, 2014
Please note that next week's issue may be delayed by a day so that we can bring you the Postgres 9.4 release as soon as it happens (unless the schedule changes).
Speeding Up PostgreSQL With Partial Indexes
Exclusively first to PG Weekly: the second post from Heap in as many weeks. This one digs into something that’s existed for a bit in Postgres but still seldom used: indexing just a portion of your data. (Ignore the 2012 date on the article, it's wrong.)
Postgres 9.4.0 To Be Released December 18th
Postgres 9.4 has a release date, and no it’s not here yet, but we’re just over a week away until we can all start to take advantage of JSONB and all the other greatness in this new release.
Tom Lane
pg_shard: A PostgreSQL Extension to Scale Out Real-Time Reads and Writes
Want to shard your data and not have to think about all the hard parts of it? Here’s a PostgreSQL extension to scale out real-time reads and writes from right in your DB.
Citus Data
Immersive JavaScript Courses Begin Feb 2 and Mar 23
While our Feb 2 onsite course is full, we're still accepting applications for its online counterpart as well as our Mar 23 onsite and online courses. Apply today and become a mid-to-senior level developer in 12 weeks.
Hack Reactor  Sponsored
Will Paginate in Half the Time
Pagination is a common task in many applications but it’s not always fast. Fortunately CTEs can make your life easier and your queries faster.
Jeff Dwyer
Postgres 9.4: The Ideal Domain-Driven Design Aggregate Store?
An interesting thought piece that talks about what Postgres 9.4, and in particular JSONB, enables around a fundamentally new type of datastore working with both JSON, the relational DB, and aggregates.
Vaughn Vernon
postgresql-pretty-table: A Script to Make Pretty HTML Tables from psql
A handy but small script to make pretty html tables from your queries directly out of psql.
Ustun Ozgur
Multicorn based PostgreSQL Foreign Data Wrapper for RethinkDB
Want to query everything not in Postgres from Postgres? Well we’re not at “everything”, but you can for most things with Foreign Data Wrappers, and RethinkDB is now part of that list.
Wilson RMS
What's This pg_shard Thing?
pg_shard is less than a week old but we’re already getting some clear write-ups of what it can and can’t do. Here’s a great one from a Postgres core community member.
Josh Berkus