Postgres Weekly Issue 84
December 3, 2014
PostgreSQL’s Powerful New Join Type: LATERAL
The last version of Postgres picked up a new join type – Lateral. However it’s not the most simply explained or easy to follow, but Heap analytics does a good job of it with a great example of how you’d use it.
Dan Robinson
PSequel: A PostgreSQL GUI Tool for Mac OS X
If you’ve tried psql, but still found it lacking and want something more graphical for connecting to and working with your Postgres database here’s yet another option.
Know Your Postgres Backup and Recovery
30% of Postgres users studied in our recent research would have been slow or unable to recover from failure. 43% could not execute a point-in-time recovery, and some had NO backup in place. Don’t let this be you. Invest a few hours learning important backup and recovery techniques, so you can re-evaluate your recovery requirements and use appropriate strategies and procedures.
EnterpriseDB  Sponsored
When Postgres Will Not Start
Sometimes Postgres crashes, this isn’t the end of the world you simply restart it. When it doesn’t restart right away is when you start to worry. Here’s an awesome post to keep in the back of your pocket for these disaster situations of what steps to follow.
Have Some (Referential) Integrity with Foreign Keys
Rails out of the box will help you to create foreign key references in the application layer, but doesn’t often enforce this at the data layer. Fortunately this isn’t to hard to put in and gain a better sense of security for your data.
PagerDuty analytics with Postgres
Use PagerDuty but want to better analyze your data? Here’s a tool from Stripe, and more specifically a former colleague @mmcgrana, which will sync your PagerDuty data into a Postgres DB for ease of querying.
Postgres Tree Shootout part 2: Adjacency List using CTEs
Here’s the part two follow on to building and managing Tree structures within Postgres. A great deeper dive for when you need this in your application and some sane tips for helping with it.
Matthew Schinckel