Postgres Weekly Issue 83
November 26, 2014
PostgreSQL 9.4 RC1 Released
We’ve been talking about Postgres 9.4 for a while, and while the full 1.0 release of it isn’t here yet, we’re now much closer with the first release candidate. This RC promises stable interfaces so you can start building your apps against it now.
Waiting For 9.5 – Support Arrays as Input to array_agg() and ARRAY(SELECT …)
While we’re still waiting for the full release of 9.4, 9.5 is already racking up the features. Here’s an incremental improvement to some of the array functionality which should be handy.
Hubert depesz Lubaczewski
CitusDB: horizontally scalable Postgres for fast and reliable SQL
Scalable SQL solutions like Impala and SparkSQL have been in the spotlight recently. Read how CitusDB delivers superior SQL query performance and reliability while enabling you to use familiar Postgres clients, extensions and tools. To get a quick overview of how CitusDB scales Postgres see our video.
Citus Data  Sponsored
Representing Trees in PostgreSQL
It’s not every application that needs to model some tree/hierarchical structure, but when you do databases are the most natural way for it. Here’s a look at what’s available and a great analysis of approaching the problem.
Graeme Mathieson
Medians in SQL
SQL makes basic sum, averages, and other mathematical operations easy, but certain ones like medians or 95/99th percentiles can be tougher. Here’s a great post showing the tools available to help get medians and others.
The Big Book of PostgreSQL
An opinion piece on what makes the Postgres documentation great, though whether you consider it great or not I’d love to hear as that’s often a common point of contention. Let us know @PostgresWeekly how you feel it it ranks.
Thom Brown
New OSS Tool Links Postgres and MySQL
Have instances of both Postgres and MySQL and want to connect data between both? Here’s a tool to help with that.