Postgres Weekly Issue 87
January 7, 2015
pgcli - An Enhanced Postgres CLI
Want psql on steroids? Here it is. While it’s a Python package, it should still be easy to get setup even if you’re not a Python developer. It features auto-completion, syntax highlighting, and more.
Amjith Ramanujam
PostgREST: A REST API for Any Postgres Database
Want an out of the box REST API on top of your Postgres database? Here’s the tool for it. You can take a test drive with this demo.
Joe Nelson
An Update on Parallelism in Postgres
Robert Haas
A New Way to Measure Business Impact
As application complexity increases, it’s important to keep a focus on what really matters to your business - your application revenue. With AppDynamics, you get 100% visibility into application revenue in real time so you can now be more effective in how you identify, isolate, and resolve application issues that affect the business. Get started with AppDynamics.
AppDynamics  Sponsored
Building a College Basketball Database — Part 1: Scraping ESPN
Want an excuse to scrape some data and work on a fun side project with Postgres? Here’s the first of a few posts that show scraping college basketball data and storing it within your favorite relational DB.
Patrick Howell
PostgreSQL: Documentation: 9.4: JSON Types
9.4 was released just before the holidays with one of the biggest features being the new JSONB datatype. If you haven’t already explored JSONB, take a look at the docs and see what's newly available.
SQL Is Your Friend, Part 1
Want a list of reasons to fall in love with Postgres all over again? Here’s the first of a great multi-part series highlighting the JSON datatype and the flexibility it brings.
Barrett Clark
SQL Is Your Friend, Part 2
In part two of the series this post looks at something that will make you appear like an absolute badass to most others if you’re able to master it - window functions. The applications are rare but powerful, such as month over month growth, ranking within sub-groups, and more.
Barrett Clark
Announcing que-go: a Go port of the Ruby Que job queue for Postgres
Want to have a queue that just works for your particular language with Postgres without trying to work with any and all backends? Here’s your answer with a port of the Ruby Que job queue for GoLang.
Blake Gentry