Postgres Weekly Issue 79
October 29, 2014
ToroDB: A JSON-based Document Database Built on Top of Postgres
ToroDB database takes an interesting approach to bridging NoSQL and SQL by supporting the Mongo wire protocol directly while storing data in Postgres.
Adventures in Searching with Postgres: Part 1
Postgres is very capable at searching through text, preventing the need to roll a specialized solution in many cases. Here’s the first of a multipart series of diving into working with full text search in PG.
Matt Wean
Tuning for Performance in Production – The DBA Role
Over time, conditions change including data growth, usage patterns, and the amount of resources available to the database. Periodic tuning is the Postgres DBAs role to ensure that things continue to run smoothly. Learn how to optimize performance or get help with a database check up.
EnterpriseDB  Sponsored
Make A Logical Receiver Behave As A Synchronous Standby
The logical decoding improvements lay a great foundation for the future of Postgres. Yet there’s not nearly enough detail on how you take advantage, here’s a dive into make it work as a synchronous replica.
Michael Paquier
Sharing Code and Experiences
A Google Summer of Code student presents a great tale of their experiences, including some of what they worked on relating to the Write-Ahead-Log in Postgres.
Fabrizio Mello
Why The Older-Than-Dirt Postgres Database Is Hot With Hipsters And Oldsters Alike
Postgres is continuing to pick up steam in mainstream media and for good reason, here’s yet another look on why the long reliable database is growing in popularity.
Read Write
Optimizing Your psql
Adding to the number of recent articles on how to better use psql as an editor, here’s a great one with many tips for customization.
Renewed Life for STI with the PostgreSQL JSON Type
Table inheritance has long existed within Postgres, but not always had the same value. Here’s a fresh look at how you can take advantage.
Szymon Frącczak