Postgres Weekly Issue 78
October 21, 2014
Multi-Table Full-text Search with Postgres (slide deck + video)
Sometimes basic searching on a single column can work for you, but often you need something more powerful. Fortunately Postgres’ full text search can help, and here’s a great talk which shows how to make things work across tables.
Caleb Thompson
Solving Data “Variety” with Postgres’s NoSQL Extensions
There’s been much talk about the upcoming Postgres 9.4 release. Though for all the talk there haven’t been enough walkthroughs of what flexibility in schema the new features will provide, at least until this one.
Monitoring Postgresql with a Background Worker
While there are more and more options for monitoring Postgres, it’s still not a perfectly solved problem. Here’s a great post on monitoring it with background workers using two open source tools.
Robert Berry
Postgres Skills are in Demand - Add to your skill set and get certified
2000+ jobs are now posted each month listing Postgres skills – enhance your talents and get certified with expert training courses. The EDB certification program sets the global standard for Postgres professionals, and is definitive proof of your Postgres skills.
EnterpriseDB  Sponsored
Pagination Done the PostgreSQL Way
Some examples of performing pagination with SQL on Postgres, working from a simple but inefficient example through to an interesting ‘seek’ based approach.
Alexey Vasiliev
How to Start using Arrays in Rails with PostgreSQL
Arrays are super powerful and convenient for when you need them in Postgres. There’s often no good reason you shouldn’t use them when you want and your framework such as Rails shouldn’t limit you.
Kamil Lelonek
pgweb: Web-based PostgreSQL Database Browser
Adding to the likes of JackDB, which is a SaaS offering, here’s a web-based browser for your Postgres database should you prefer something that’s not local.
Dan Sosedoff
Introducing Flexible Freeze
Often times there’s a need to freeze tables when there’s a lull on your database. Now there’s a project focusing on just that, at this time as a simple easy to use script.
Database Soup
Quickly list missing foreign key indexes
An older, but still handy, post which highlights how to discover which foreign keys have missing indexes on them within Rails.
Tom Ward
Postgres 9.5 Feature Highlight: Replication Slot Control with pg_receivexlog
Michael Paquier