Postgres Weekly Issue 77
October 15, 2014
PostgreSQL 9.4 Beta 3 Released
We’ve all been excitedly waiting for Postgres 9.4 and in particular the new JSONB features, and while we have a little longer to wait, the latest beta with fixes is here and available now.
Following a Select Statement Through Postgres Internals
This is hands down the best walk through I’ve seen of what happens when you run a standard SELECT query in Postgres. If you’re an end user and want to dig a little deeper this walk through is a great start.
Pat Shaughnessy
Announcing PGConf US 2015: Mar 25-27 in New York City
PGConf NYC 2014 was the largest PostgreSQL conference ever in the US and has now been renamed PGConf US to recognize its growth. A call for proposals is now open, so if you want to speak, consider submitting a talk.
Pagination Done the Right Way
Paginated results can often wreck havoc on the performance of your database. If you need to paginate anything in your app, here’s what you need to know.
Markus Winand
Exploring the Postgres Gin index
Postgres has a pretty vast array of Postgres indexes, all of which can be immensly valuable, but you have to know when to use which. Gin is one of the lesser known, but can be especially handy and here’s the perfect crash course.
Derek Parker
How to Persist Hashes in Rails Applications with PostgreSQL
Sometimes you don’t want to think about columns and just want to store a hash of your data. Fortunately Postgres can help, and here’s the perfect crash course for it, at least for Rails that is.
Kamil Lelonek
How To Deploy Django on Nginx, Gunicorn with Postgres
Setting up Postgres for production isn’t rocket science, but isn’t elementary math either. For Python devs here’s a great guide on a production ready setup.
SQL for Marketers
SQL isn’t the most friendly of languages, but it is incredibly powerful. Furthermore, the amount of valuable data that lies in relational databases continues to grow, if you’re not a developer here’s an awesome intro to SQL.
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