Postgres Weekly Issue 80
November 5, 2014
Using Custom Types in Postgres
Custom types can allow for a lot of flexibility in your database and thus simplifying your application and work with an ORM. Here’s a great initial dive.
Rob Conery
Nine Postgres Conferences in 2015 (So Far)
While we’re not out of 2014 yet, the time is coming to start planning your conferences for 2015 and here’s the initial list of Postgres ones. Several of which I aim to make as they’re always educational as well as a great time.
Bruce Momjian
Possible PostgreSQL Upgrade Issues On OS X 10.10 Yosemite
Upgraded to Yosemite and had half your development environment break? If Postgres was one of the victims there here’s some various tips to help you resolve it. A good read if you’re in that situation or even if you haven’t upgraded yet.
Craig Ringer
Find bugs before your users do
Get a real time view of software errors and crashes that are happening in your applications, with all the information you need to fix bugs fast. Raygun is an essential tool for every developer.
Raygun  Sponsored
Making PostgreSQL Scale Hadoop-style: Benchmark Numbers
Citus Data benchmarked the latest version of CitusDB (a DB that extends Postgres to be horizontally scalable) and two of the leading Hadoop-based SQL solutions, Impala and SparkSQL, using the TPC-H benchmark.
Marco Slot
Upgrading Your PostgreSQL Cluster From 9.3 to 9.4
Florian Schlachter
POWA 1.2 Released: A Performance Tool for PostgreSQL
POWA a performance monitoring tool for Postgres has a new release which features real time analysis and a facelift on the UI for better usability.
pgosquery: Like Facebook's OSQuery, but for Postgres
Want the osquery (from Facebook) directly in a Postgres database? Well here’s the answer.