Postgres Weekly Issue 66
July 30, 2014
PostgreSQL 9.4 Beta 2 Released
Postgres 9.4 brings logical decoding, a new jsonb format, and improvements to materialized views. The second beta is now available for you to begin exploring and trying it out. Make sure to pass along your feedback to the Postgres developers.
The End of PostgreSQL 8.4 - A Small Tribute
Postgres 8.4 is now officially end of life. With it came a lot of improvements that really started the path forward for Postgres’ resurgence. Here’s a look back ad a few of those highlights.
Magnus Hagander
PostgreSQL Updates 9.3.5, 9.2.9, 9.1.14, 9.0.18, and 8.4.22 Released
Minor releases which fix a variety of issues on the 9.3, 9.2, 9.1, 9.0, and 8.4 branches.
All Your Base Database Conference - Early Birds End Friday
Backend developers, DevOps & Solutions Architects, join us in Oxford on 17 October to hear from database creators & industry leaders working at the coal face on where to store & how to handle your data. Early Bird tickets end Friday 1 August.
All Your Base Conf  Sponsored
How to Terminate PostgreSQL Sessions
Long running queries can affect a database in a variety of ways. At times you may want to have more insight and control, in some cases killing queries. Here’s a quick playbook on all of the above.
Milosz Galazka
Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Loops
Bulk loading data is a common task at times for many applications, but doing so the naive way can lead to a lot more pain than is necessary for your database.
Shaun M. Thomas
pghero: Database insights made easy
Taking inspiration from Heroku and in particular their pg-extras plug-in to give you more insight into your data. Here’s a standalone app that will give you lots of key useful information about your database.
Andrew Kane
Optimization Issues: Cross Column Correlation
The Postgres optimizer is generally quite good, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t edge cases. Check out an interesting case here when cross correlating data.
Hans-Juergen Schoenig
Tales from the Trenches – the New MongoDB FDW
Foreign data wrappers offer a lot of promise for the future of disparate datasets, but many of them aren’t quite there today. The Postgres one saw great strides in 9.3 and now Enterprise DB is advancing the Mongo one, here’s some great details around it.
Jason Davis