Postgres Weekly Issue 65
July 23, 2014
Caching Expensive Queries with Materialized Views in PostgreSQL
Have a variety of long running queries that you need to access or report on more quickly? Materialized views can help in periodically refreshing the results. They’re available in 9.3 and get even better in 9.4.
Christoph Schiessl
Amazon RDS PostgreSQL Update
Amazon’s RDS for Postgres is now out of public beta and generally available, along with SLAs. Take a look here for some of the people taking advantage as well as details around their SLA.
Postgres 9.5 feature highlight: IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA
Foreign tables are incredibly powerful within Postgres. Though even in Postgres 9.3 with the Postgres FDW there have been some rough usability edges. Now in 9.5 (no not 9.4), there’s some great utility functions to make listing and importing foreign tables and schemas easier.
Michael Paquier
Rails 4 and PostgreSQL Arrays
Rails 4 included support for Postgres’ array fields. Bernardo shows off the basics of how they work.
Bernardo Chaves
Getting information about PostgreSQL SSL connections
Postgres has a variety of methods/options for how it can connect via SSL or not. While you can set certain policies the tools for then inspecting such are a little more rudimentary. Here’s a look at how you can explore further.
Magnus Hagander