Postgres Weekly Issue 64
July 9, 2014
As always, thanks to Craig Kerstiens for continuing to curate Postgres Weekly for us :-) Be sure to hit him up on Twitter with any appreciation or ideas.
You (probably) don't need NoSQL (with Postgres)
Hearing the case for somewhere in your team that you need NoSQL? Let’s dissect the case for what NoSQL really is, and further where you may need it or where PostgreSQL (which you hopefully have already deployed) can fill that gap.
Bruce Momijan
PostgreSQL Performance on Docker
Thinking about running Postgres within Docker vs. LXC yourself? You don’t have to run those performance tests yourself, here’s an initial look with some surprising results, at least for the author.
David Kerr
Postgres 9.5 feature highlight: WHERE clause pushdown in subqueries with window functions
Window functions are great and super powerful for anyone doing complex analysis with queries, but sometimes they’re not the most performant thing you can do. In some cases you may not know what the most performant thing is, but here’s a case in 9.5 where it may automatically become more performant for you, and of course some fun details behind it.
Michael Paquier
Postgis, PostgreSQL's spatial partner Part 3
Continuing from the past two issues, here’s the next in the series regarding geospatial and Postgres. This one extends on a real world use case, along with digging in on performance optimization.
Tim van der Linden
[CVE-2014-3482 and -3483] Two ActiveRecord SQL Injection Vulnerabilities Affecting PostgreSQL
SQL injection attacks are a long standing (but hopefully) problem for so many apps, though if you’re running Rails and/or ActiveRecord, here’s a few you should pay attention to and check if you’re vulnerable. New versions of Rails have been released to resolve the issue.
Store an array in PostgreSQL hstore in Rails4
Both the array type and hstore can be super powerful within Postgres, here’s a great dive how you can use both of them natively within Rails.
Grzegorz Brzezinka