Postgres Weekly Issue 63
July 2, 2014
ORDER BY [my custom order] in PostgreSQL
Want to order by something besides ascending and descending in your SQL queries? In reality you can order by just about anything you want, and here’s a great intro on how.
Gabriel Bordeaux
PGConf.EU 2014 Now Open for Registration
PostgreSQL's CTEs are optimisation fences
Common Table Expressions or CTEs are great for compose-able and readable queries. They also make building more complex queries possible, but when it comes to delivering the most performant query there are some limitations.
Postgis, PostgreSQL's spatial partner (Part 2)
In our last issue we covered the first part in a multipart series digging into PostGIS, the geospatial support within Postgres. This week it goes further digging into many of the GIS objects and starting to look at geographies and applying it to the real world.
Tim van der Linden
Bucardo 5 Released: A Postgres Database Replication System
Want multi-master replication without having to wait until a future version of core Postgres that supports it? Bucardo has long been an option to provide it and with a new version here, it’s a great time to take a look at it.
End Point
Lead Database Engineer at Harvest (Anywhere)
Join our stellar distributed engineering team as primary subject matter expert on issues related to database management, database design, database operations, and database performance.
Manipulating jsonb data by abusing of key uniqueness
The new jsonb datatype in Postgres 9.4 is much anticipated, but not a perfect fit for all JSON. In the case of having multiple keys within JSON you have to work around it a bit as highlighted here.
Michael Paquier
Postgres 9.5 Feature Highlight: Tracking Processes with cluster_name
Michael Paquier