Postgres Weekly Issue 62
June 18, 2014
As always, thanks to Craig Kerstiens for continuing to curate Postgres Weekly for us :-) Be sure to hit him up on Twitter with any appreciation or ideas.
Aggregate Functions Gone Bad, and the Joins Who Made Them that Way
Joins can be extremely powerful, yet can also sometime give you results you’re not expecting. When aggregating these miscues may be harder to find, here’s a look at a few examples.
Brett Sauve
Foreign Tables (in Postgres) are not as Useful as I Hoped
Foreign tables promise a great future for Postgres and connecting to multiple data sources, but all is not perfect with them yet as there’s some clear areas for improvement highlighted here.
Shaun M. Thomas
PostGIS: PostgreSQL's Spatial Partner - Part 1
Heard about PostGIS, the geospatial support within Postgres, but not explored it yourself? Here’s a great quick dive into the lay of the land there of some key concepts and how to use them.
Tim van der Linden
Postgres 9.4 feature highlight: GiST operator class for inet and cidr datatypes
The inet and cidr datatypes have been handy, but not always perfectly performant for some common use cases. Now with new GiST operator classes queries against subnet or other parts can be very efficient.
Michael Paquier
Parse Postgresql Queries In Ruby
Want access to the Postgres parse tree in something other than directly in Postgres? Here’s an awesome tool for getting the parse tree in Ruby to make building applications that take advantage of it easier.
Lukas Fittl
pgsql-listen-exchange: RabbitMQ Exchange That Publishes Messages Received From PostgreSQL Notifications
A RabbitMQ exchange type that translates PostgreSQL NOTIFY messages to AMQP messages and publishes them to bound queues. The PostgreSQL NOTIFY message channel is used as the routing key for the message using direct exchange style routing mechanics.
All Your Base: A Database Conference for Web Developers - Oxford, 17 October 2014
In a sense, this newsletter actually got its start at All Your Base, a database conference for web developers. If you’re in England or looking for an excuse to go, this is a great one full of information on a slew of databases. If you want to see the overall quality, you can watch the videos from 2013 here.
All Your Base Conf