Postgres Weekly Issue 61
June 11, 2014
Postgres Open 2014 Early Bird Tickets and Tutorials
It takes place in Chicago between September 17-19.
PostgreSQL SWAG: JSON Data Type and Working with Twitter Data
A look at how easy it is to use Postgres’ JSON datatype to work with data imported from Twitter.
Bibhas Debnath
Postgres 9.4 Feature Highlight: Logical Replication Protocol
Logical decoding made its way into Postgres 9.4 laying the groundwork for much of the future of replication and scalability for Postgres. Here’s a deeper dive into how you can start to take advantage of these features as soon as you’re running 9.4 in production.
Michael Paquier
Technical Teacher for PostgreSQL and SQL Needed
Love Postgres? Want to help teach and make it accessible for others? Code School wants you to help spread the good word of Postgres to others and educate them on it.
Code School  Sponsored
PostgreSQL's Hipper, Feistier Self: An Interview with Bruce Momjian
Postgres was long known as the safer, more conservative database compared to others. For years it focused on just keeping your data safe, but in more recent years it’s become more trendy. Here’s a great interview with Bruce Momjian of Postgres core on many different aspects of where Postgres is at and where it’s headed.
25 Features Your Developers Are Missing When Not Using Postgres
Want a cheat sheet of features that you’re missing out on when not using Postgres? Here’s a great one ranging from the obvious of JSON/hstore, to the more specialized ones in dealing with auditing and unlogged tables.
Sameer Kumar
PostgreSQL Columnar Store Benchmarks On SSDs
If you missed the columnar store release by Citus Data a few weeks ago, or are wondering on what it really means, here’s a first look at some benchmarks from Citus on SSDs on performance benchmarks.
Citus Data