Postgres Weekly Issue 60
June 4, 2014
A Better ID Generator For PostgreSQL
It’s clear that integers aren’t always the best choice for IDs for a database. UUIDs are generally accepted as pretty reasonable, but this article goes a little bit further if you’re planning to shard and scale.
Rob Conery
PGCon 2014 Unconference: A Community
Never been to pgcon (the small conference of Postgres community hackers)? Or furthermore, never been to the unconference (which follows), comprised of mostly key community members? Here’s a great recap of the experience and why you should be there next year.
Shaun M. Thomas
Table Partitioning and Foreign Keys
Partitioning, in particular table partitioning and foreign keys don’t always play so friendly. At the same time both can be important. Here’s a deeper dive into working with the two, and the considerations that need to be kept in mind.
Postgres 9.4 Feature Highlight: Logical Replication Receiver
Postgres 9.4 comes with a foundation of logical replication, but to take full advantage you need to do a little extra work. Here’s a blog post that takes you further in how to take advantage of the foundation that’s been laid in the upcoming release.
Michael Paquier
Foreign Keys are Not Free
Foreign keys can drastically affect table performance. Here’s a quick look at why this is so with PostgreSQL in particular.
Shaun M. Thomas
Heroku Postgres - Fully managed Postgres on EC2
Heroku Postgres is the worlds largest provider of Postgres as a Service, offering fully managed databases on top of EC2. Get started today for free and scale easily as your application needs to.
Heroku  Sponsored
How to Format Numbers as Currency in Postgres, MySQL and Redshift
If you’re running any kind of business currency inevitably comes into play. Here’s a simple guide on formatting your numeric/float/datatype of your choice as proper currency making for prettier reports.
Django/Postgres News: Arrays Merged
A few months back a Kickstarter was funded to make Postgres much better in Django. Here’s a big step forward with native array support now committed.
Marc Tamlyn
PostgreSQL Maestro 14.5 Released
The Windows GUI app for PostgreSQL database server administration and database development.
SQL Maestro