Postgres Weekly Issue 59
May 28, 2014
Postgres and Connection Pooling
Heard about connection pooling, but unsure what it is, when/if you need it? Here’s a high level overview from myself nailing all of those points as well as some of the key options available to Postgres.
Craig Kerstiens
Querying Time Series in Postgresql
Postgres has had robust support for dealing with times for some time. If you have time series in your database at all here’s a look at some parts of Postgres that can be helpful.
Scaling Gilt with PostgreSQL
Here’s a great high level case study from Gilt on why they chose Postgres, what they’re doing with it, and the experience they’ve had with it. If you’re in need of use cases and case studies their a great one.
SQLite and Postgres
One of the biggest Postgres conferences (PGCon) just wrapped up last week. In case you weren’t there we’ll be having a variety of content flow out of it over the coming weeks, and to kick it off here’s the slides from the keynote on not just Postgres but largely SQLite.
Avoid Rails When Generating JSON responses with PostgreSQL
Building an API that returns JSON? If you’re tempted to do some queries, build up JSON in a higher level language and return it, maybe you should think twice. Here’s an awesome post that shows how CTEs can be great for delivering complex result sets and also much more performant.
Dan McClain
rdb - ORM for Node
Use Node and Postgres and still looking for a better developer experience? Here’s yet another ORM for node which hopes to make Postgres as much better experience for Node devs.
9.4 JSON Slides
If you’ve followed along JSON has been a very common topic for Postgres for several releases. If you need to know what’s new for JSON in 9.4, or even just want a clear picture of where it’s come from here’s a great set of slides from PG Con covering much of the past, present and future for JSON in Postgres.
Andrew Dunstan