Postgres Weekly Issue 58
May 21, 2014
Don't adjust your set, you didn't miss an issue last week, our curator, Craig Kerstiens, was taking a small break. We continue to thank him for curating Postgres Weekly :-)
PostgreSQL 9.4 Beta 1 Released
Anxious to try all the new great features in Postgres 9.4? While you may have to wait a bit for the GA release, the beta is finally here. Give it a try today and pass along your feedback to the PostgreSQL team.
A Few Areas of Improvements in PostgreSQL 9.4
Postgres 9.4 is just around the corner, and hopefully you’re already excited about many of the major improvements. But, just in case you need some more reasons to look forward to it, here’s a variety of smaller less talked about improvements.
PG Commander 1.3: More features, less price
The new version of the Mac Postgres client brings new features like table filters, support for materialized views, a convenient back button and more. Now available for $39.
Egger Apps  Sponsored
Troubleshooting Database Corruption
Database corruption sucks, but well it can happen. Postgres while typically resilient can have a few cases where this can occur. When it does it’s worth finding out how so you can prevent it in the future.
Robert Haas
PostgreSQL: A full text search engine - Part 3
Following on from last issue with part two on full text search in Postgres we now have the final in the series. This one covers some of the more advanced pieces such as ranking and indexing.
Tim van der Linden
pgloader Got Faster
Pgloader is a great loader for importing data from some source into Postgres. If you’re curious about loading data in here’s some interesting bits about it, but further some great reading for anyone loading lots of data in Postgres.
Dimitri Fontaine
Clojure, Postgres, JSON
The title here says it all… Use clojure, use Postgres, want to use JSON? Then give this one a read to get started today.
Travis Vachon
cstore_fdw and Big Data
Last month, Citus Data released a columnar data store for Postgres. Here’s a first look at it, which was also talked about at San Francisco’s user group. Hopefully, we’ll be able to dig up a video from it for a future issue.
Josh Berkus