Postgres Weekly Issue 57
May 8, 2014
Postgres Datatypes – The ones you're not using
Postgres has a broad range of datatypes in addition to the usual suspects (int, numeric, varchar). While not always applicable for all apps, when you do need them they can be extremely handy.
Craig Kerstiens
Why you should always set temp_file_limit
Want to keep a query from a user from potentially crashing your entire database? This setting can be extremely handy for just that, and should be a requirement on any production database.
Josh Berkus
Postgres partitioning explained
Been curious about partitioning data within Postgres, but confused? You’re probably not alone, here’s a transcript from a conversation that sheds quite a bit of light on how it works.
Keith and Aleksandr
Trigger Overhead
Triggers have quite a few use cases and provide plenty of value, but if you use them in multiple places there’s a few things that can lessen their overall impact. Here’s a look at the performance overhead of triggers and how you can better utilize them.
Jim Mlodgenski
New Finding Unused Indexes Query
Finding unused indexes in Postgres can be extremely handy. For each index you have it takes up some space on disk and slows down write throughput. If you’ve got one that is unused its simply a waste, here’s a query that helps on newer Postgres versions identify such.
Josh Berkus
A full text search engine in Postgres (Part 2)
A follow on to last week here’s a deeper dive on using full text search in Postgres. This one gets a bit more advanced than the generic case, which will typically work for most.
Tim van der Linden