Postgres Weekly Issue 67
August 6, 2014
PostgreSQL Anti-patterns: Read-Modify-Write Cycles
A follow up to last week’s post about loops in Postgres here’s yet another anti-pattern of reading a value, modifying it and writing it back out. While often safe certain race conditions can occur.
Craig Ringer
Get Lightning Fast Search Results in Django with Postgres
There’s a ton of options for full text search in any application, and of course Postgres offers a solution here as well. Here’s a great talk on setting it up with Django and the results you can get.
Saikiran Yerram
Writable Common Table Expressions
Common table expressions can allow you to write complex queries that are more readable, or can let you do recursion within your queries. You can also create writable ones allowing even further use cases.
Heroku Postgres - Fully managed Postgres on EC2
Heroku Postgres is the worlds largest provider of Postgres as a Service, offering fully managed databases on top of EC2. Get started today for free and scale easily as your application needs to.
Heroku  Sponsored
Postgres Upsert (Update or Insert) in GER using Knex.js
Upsert (insert or update) didn’t natively make it into Postgres for 9.4. So you’re still left rolling you’re own if you find it necessary. Here’s an example using knex.js should you need it (be careful though as race conditions can occur).
Graham Jenson
Using Postgres' Hstore datatype in Rails
Hopefully you’ve heard about Hstore by now, and while binary JSON is on the way it’s still an incredibly useful datatype today. Here’s a great guide for getting hands on with it in Rails.
Aly Badawy
Installing PostgreSQL On EC2 Via Chef Solo and Testing with serverspec
Intro to Flask Part 13 - Heroku Postgres Setup (video)
Using Flask and want to get setup with a Postgres host? Here’s a video to walk you through getting up and running with Heroku Postgres and it’s feature set.
Michael Herman