#​556 — May 22, 2024

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Postgres Weekly

Introducing pg_timeseries: A New Time-Series Extension — Billed as a simple, open source way to manage time-series data in Postgres, it’s largely implemented in SQL. They also take time to answer the question “Why not Timescale?” The license, mostly. It is, however, early days for pg_timeseries feature-wise.

Sharma and Petersen (Tembo)

From Slow Query to Fast — via Stats — We previously linked to Render’s ‘Simple Query with a Big Problem’ – here’s the followup digging into why their simple query was taking so long to run and the ways they dug into, and fixed, the issue. Some useful guidance here.

Eric Fritz (Render)

PostgreSQL Learning Hub from Redgate — Explore PostgreSQL content, learn about upcoming events, join community discussions, and discover how Redgate tools can help solve your database challenges.

Redgate Software sponsor

Heroku Introduces Heroku Postgres Essentials — A pioneer of scaling out a huge Postgres platform, Heroku is still continuing to improve things. These new plans are built atop Amazon Aurora and focus on the lower end (replacing their Mini and Basic levels) while still providing far more performance than before (plus, they support pgvector).



When Postgres Said 'No Thanks, I Don't Need Your Index' — It’s story time! Jean-Mark presents a ‘tale of victory’ after running into problems optimizing a query. Let the negotiations begin..

Jean-Mark Wright

Using In-Memory Disk for Postgres' Temporary Files — Postgres produces temporary files under various circumstances, including when executing parallel queries, and Stefan wanted to see if using a RAM-based file system for them would yield improvements. It does - a bit.

Stefan Fercot

📰 Classifieds

Get ready for POSETTE! A free, virtual developer event for Postgres (Jun 11-13). Tune into one or many of 42 talks across 4 livestreams!

📅 Moar Serverless 2024 is a free, one day online event taking place on May 23 (tomorrow) with several speakers sharing the latest on building serverless apps.

How to Collapse Your Stack Using Postgres for.. Everything — If ‘stack sprawl’ is a problem for you or your company, why not offload more of the work to the trusty database you already know and love?

James Blackwood-Sewell (Timescale)

📄 What We're Excited About in Postgres 17 Timescale

📺 Scaling Clubhouse from 10K to 10 Million Users in 6 Months with Postgres Harry Tormey and Luke Demi

📄 Optimizing SQL Queries: Some Postgres Best Practices – A summary of some basics. Markus Wirekat

📄 Row-Level Transformations in Postgres CDC Using Lua Sai Srirampur (PeerDB)

🛠 Code and Tools

SQLFrame: Taking the Spark Out of PySpark by Generating SQL — A dataframe library that can run PySpark code on BigQuery, DuckDB, and, yes, Postgres. It converts DataFrame operations directly into SQL. There's a longer explanation and rationale here.

Ryan Eakman

PgHero 3.5: A Performance Dashboard for Postgres — A dashboard built as a (Ruby on) Rails engine to look at basic performance stats including live queries, maintenance status, and connections.

Andrew Kane