#​555 — May 15, 2024

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The Draft Postgres 17 Release Notes — Bruce just announced he’s completed the first draft of the release notes for Postgres 17 (due later this year). It’s mostly a bullet-point list of low level improvements for now, but it makes the release feel a lot closer! The first beta is due imminently.

Bruce Momjian

Making a Postgres Query 1,000 Times Faster — If you want to get attention for a blog post, this is the sort of title you need to write! But you also need to back it up with a story, a solution, some useful insights, and perhaps a little humor – thankfully all those elements are present here.

Alejandro García Montoro

Postgres Performance at Any Scale — Deliver consistent database performance and availability through intelligent Indexing and VACUUM advisors and continuous database profiling. pganalyze integrates with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and more.

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Postgres 16.3, 15.7, 14.12, 13.15, and 12.19 Released — Right on schedule, the Postgres team has unveiled new minor versions of each maintained release line. Bug fixes are the focus, but Postgres 14-16 have also received a fix for a security issue with pg_stats_ext and pg_stats_ext_exprs. (Note that Postgres 12 will stop receiving fixes from November this year.)

PostgreSQL Global Development Group


What’s New with Postgres at Microsoft, 2024 Edition — Partly thanks to buying Citus Data and partly through Azure, Microsoft is a significant contributor to the Postgres ecosystem these days and this is a surprisingly thorough summary of everything they’ve got going on lately.


Advanced psql Scripting with coproccoproc is a shell command that runs a process asynchronously in a subshell. If you invoke psql with it, it’s still possible to interact with it from afar and here’s how.

Daniel Vérité

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📚 Stay informed about database technology and industry trends with a list of recommended learning resources from Simple Talk editor Louis Davidson.

Your fastest path to production. With Render you can Build, deploy, and scale your apps with unparalleled ease – from your first user to your billionth.

📄 Removing Bloat with the pg_repack Extensionpg_repack is an extension for removing bloat from tables and indexes online without holding exclusive locks. Muhammad Ali

📄 When to Split Patches for Postgres – For those actively contributing to Postgres. Peter Eisentraut

📄 Dealing with Invisible Indexes in an Oracle to Postgres Migration Deepak Mahto

🛠 Code and Tools

pg_lakehouse: Query Any Data Lake from Postgres — An extension that lets you query object stores like S3 and table formats like Delta Lake. Queries are pushed down to Apache DataFusion. Google Cloud Storage and Azure Blob Storage support is promised soon.