#​515 — July 19, 2023

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Citus 12: Schema-Based Sharding for PostgresCitus has been around doing its ‘distributed Postgres’ thing for years now, but this is a huge release that introduces schema-based sharding. Schema-based sharding contrasts to Citus’s original row-based sharding approach by allowing you to shard in a broader way - particularly handy for multi-tenant SaaS apps, to give just one example.

Citus Data

Instant Results for Complex Queries with Epsio's Incremental Materialized Views — Reduce query latencies and workload costs by orders of magnitude by integrating Epsio into your existing database.

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No More VACUUM? No More Bloat? — OrioleDB is a bold extension with bold aims, including eventually becoming part of Postgres core. It’s an alternative engine for Postgres that can eliminate bloat and the need for ongoing vacuuming of tables. This post does a good job of explaining what it is, how it works, and why you might use it, but bear in mind it’s still somewhat experimental.

Oriole DB Inc.

Working with Time Series in Postgres — Of course, you could reach for TimescaleDB or the like, but for modest use cases, Postgres most likely already has the powers you need to temporally slice and dice your data.

Alex Plescan


🎧  Path to Citus Con: A Postgres Podcast — A podcast from the Citus Data team at Microsoft that was created to showcase speakers for their popular Citus Con event but which, now, is being presented as more of a general Postgres podcast. The ▶️ latest episode features Grant Fritchey and Ryan Booz talking about their favorite ways to learn about Postgres.

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Postgres.fm also continues to be a fantastic show. Their latest episode covered connection poolers like PgBouncer and PgCat.

Zero-Downtime Postgres Cutovers at Instacart — An explanation of how Instacart keeps their large fleet of RDS Postgres servers up to date without downtime.

Nicholson, Tanner, and Montagna (Instacart)

How to Create and Run Postgres Regression and TAP Tests — One for those working directly on Postgres.

Tristen Raab

Code and Tools

Ora2Pg 24.0: It's No Longer Just for OracleOra2Pg is a long standing tool to assist with Oracle Database to Postgres migrations, but it has now added support for migrating from SQL Server too.

Gilles Darold

An Open Source Alternative to PostgreSQL in the Cloud. Start for Free With $300 in Credits.

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pg_cirrus Beta 1: Easy Postgres Cluster Setup — A simple bringing together of Python and Ansible for setting up a three node cluster with one primary and two standbys, complete with streaming replication and load balancing with basic instructions here.


What's New in PostgREST v11.1?PostgREST is a Haskell app that serves up a RESTful API from any existing Postgres database. It doesn’t require Supabase, but this is Supabase’s take on the update.

Steve Chavez (Supabase)