#​514 — July 12, 2023

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Postgres Weekly

Microsoft Benchmarks Distributed PostgreSQL-Like DBs — Microsoft commissioned GigaOM to benchmark Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL (which uses Citus under the hood) versus other Postgres-derived alternatives from Cockroach and Yugabyte. The fact the results are being promoted tells you which product won already.. 😅 In a post by Marco Slot that goes into more detail, he explains why Cosmos DB is as fast as it is and invites you to run the benchmarks for yourself.

Alex Woodie (Datanami)

Subqueries and Performance — Surround a SELECT with parentheses and use it to provide values to another query and you’ve got yourself a subquery. Laurenz walks through a few examples with the goal of helping us write subqueries that perform well.

Laurenz Albe

Plug & Play Postgres Caching — Accelerate your database through serverless caching. Increase throughput and lower query latency using PolyScale’s intelligent database edge cache. Implement in minutes without configuration or writing code.

PolyScale․ai sponsor

Let's Workshop an Unplanned Postgres Outage — This is certainly one of those things you want to think about before it happens! Shaun looks back at the story of one company’s Aurora migration which had its problems but broadly went well.

Shaun Thomas

Changing a Column's Data Type in a Live DatabaseALTER COLUMN .. – stop! The exclusive lock that’s necessary to change a column’s data type can cause a production database to rapidly encounter some pain. What if we could make the change more gradually?

Mateusz Henicz


Migrate Postgres from Google Cloud Platform to Amazon RDS with Minimal Downtime — You never know when you might need to switch platforms, and AWS is always particularly keen to provide an easy route in.

Aychin Gasimov (AWS)

Securing Your PostgreSQL Database

Teleport | goteleport․com sponsor

PostGIS, ArcGIS Enterprise and the Tour De France Route — How to analyze a stretch of the Tour de France with ArcGIS Enterprise and PostGIS.
Florian Nadler

Quick Recipe for Compiling PostgREST on a M1/M2 Mac
R. S. Doiel

Code and Tools

Kanel: Generate TypeScript Types from Postgres — It works by inspecting a live database and outputs code you can add to a TypeScript project and use with something like Knex (below) – GitHub repo.

Kristian Dupont

Knex.js 2.5: A Query Builder for Multiple Databases — Knex is a popular ‘batteries included’ SQL query builder that supports Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite3, and other SQL databases.


ZomboDB: Use Elasticsearch to Power Postgres Indexes — Bring extra, powerful text-search and analytics features into Postgres by using Elasticsearch as an index type.


GoodJob: Multithreaded, Postgres-Based, ActiveJob Backend for Ruby on Rails — Complete support for async, queues, delays, priorities, timeouts, and retries with near-zero configuration.

Ben Sheldon