Postgres Weekly Issue 50
March 19, 2014
We've made it to issue 50 :-) A huge thanks goes to Craig Kerstiens, as always, for continuing to curate Postgres Weekly.
PostgreSQL Now Has Logical Decoding
While Postgres won’t have full logical replication for 9.4, a commit that snuck in which adds logical decoding lays a lot of the groundwork for it. Here’s a quick read from a Postgres committer on why this is extremely important for the future of Postgres.
Robert Haas
Postgres 9.3.4 Due to Be Released Tomorrow (March 20)
Postgres full-text search is Good Enough!
Postgres has had full text search for some time now, but there’s still plenty of other tools. Here’s an awesomely extensive post that digs into the basics as well as a few more complicated things (eventually building a complete search system) but still without the need for an external system for full text search.
Rach Belaid
Postgres 9.4 feature highlight: Physical slots for replication
Yet another one of the features that helps lay the groundwork for logical replication in Postgres did happen to land in 9.4. It can still have some benefits without the full logical rep and here’s a great dive into how.
Michael Paquier
Heroku Postgres - Fully managed Postgres on EC2
Heroku Postgres is the worlds largest provider of Postgres as a Service, offering fully managed databases on top of EC2. Get started today and scale easily as your application needs to.
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Cooper Press
A JSON field type for Django
JSON and document databases have continued to grow in popularity, often being a point of contention for relational DBs. At the same time Postgres has had JSON for a few years now, but it’s not always been user friendly. Though, here’s a great package and example for working with it in Django.
Hansel Dunlop
Write scalability for UPDATE operations
In the past few releases write scalability and performance improvements have been pretty noticeable within Postgres. Now not quite as large but still solid improvements are making their way in for Updates.
Robert Haas
plv8-bedrock: PostgreSQL/plv8 CommonJS, migrations, unit tests.
Want commonJS, NPM packages, and everything else JS in your database? Here’s a solution that lets you package up all those things and shove them directly into your DB that has PL/V8 enabled.
Mario Gutierrez