Postgres Weekly Issue 51
March 26, 2014
PostgreSQL Updates 9.3.4, 9.2.8, 9.1.13, 9.0.17, and 8.4.21 Released
The PostgreSQL Global Development Group has released an update to all supported versions. 9.3.4 fixes a data corruption issue with replication and crash recovery, as well as several other minor issues in all versions.
PostgreSQL 9.4 - Looking Up
A few weeks back I wrote about some of the short comings of PostgreSQL 9.4. And then days after publishing things started to turn around with two big new features committed. Postgres 9.4 is shaping up to be an impressive release. Read for more about jsonb and logical decoding.
Craig Kerstiens
Jsonb has Been Committed to Postgres
Jsonb has finally made its way into Postgres. With it Postgres continues to become even more powerful and useful, and the case for Mongo dwindles. If you’re unfamiliar with it, you can also dig into the Postgres docs.
Oleg Bartunov
Postgresql Range Basics
With all the focus on whats new in Postgres there’s still some features from past releases that continue to deserve attention. Range types are an incredibly useful datatype that's worth being familiar with.
David Hamp-Gonsalves
Heroku Postgres - Fully managed Postgres on EC2
Heroku Postgres is the worlds largest provider of Postgres as a Service, offering fully managed databases on top of EC2. Get started today for free and scale easily as your application needs to.
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RECURSIVE Query is Recursive
Recursion is common within application code, but often a bit more painful in your database requiring plpgsql or whatever procedural language your database uses. Postgres as one may expect makes this easier with CTEs.
Harold Giménez
Biggy Basics, Part 1: Documents
For all the talk of document storage, most frameworks are still stuck with their standard ORMs. Here’s an awesome solution for .NET to make it easier to work with JSON documents directly in Postgres.
Rob Conery
CLUSTER table USING index;
For various applications and types of reporting where you’re dealing with a lot of data in a specific order both sequential scans and indexes can be slow an painful. Restructuring data on disk can really help in these cases, here’s how CLUSTER can do that for you.
Hans Hasselberg
What I Think of jsonb
Jsonb is now committed and will be a big part of the future of Postgres. But it’s a bit more than just tacking on broader trends that exist (Mongo), JSON itself has much broader adoption and makes quite a bit of sense. Here’s a much deeper and technical dive into how PostgreSQL took to integrating it and improving upon what was already there.
Peter Geoghegan