Postgres Weekly Issue 49
March 5, 2014
PostgreSQL Prefers the Scenic Route
Postgres is much akin to the tortoise more than the hare, being slow and methodical in its approach. Here are some great insights into that philosophy and the Postgres approach from someone thats been involved with the project since the early days.
PostgreSQL Participating in Google Summer of Code 2014
Google will be funding several students to work with mentors from our project in order to hack PostgreSQL code for the summer.
PG Commander: A Modern Postgres Client for the Mac
Inspired by “Sequel Pro”, developer Jakob Egger decided to write a truly Mac-like Postgres GUI. PG Commander is optimized for usability from the moment you first open it. Available at a 30% discount until March 15.
Egger Apps  Sponsored
Row Security in PostgreSQL - Overview and Current Status
Row security provides the ability for you to expose different data to different sets of people easily, among other things. Here’s a first look at some of whats going into 9.4 to deliver an improved experience here.
Craig Ringer
PostgreSQL Gains Support For Logical Decoding
Logical decoding just made it into PostgreSQL 9.4. While not full logical replication this lays much of the groundwork for it to continue to be improved and puts relevant pieces into the core of Postgres.
Tracking Month over Month Growth in SQL
Querying simple values with SQL is easy, but often when looking to do something more complicated its dumped into Excel or some other tool. Here’s a look from myself at doing more complicated calculations in particular reporting deltas between values.
Craig Kerstiens
Getting Audit Logs to use Hstore
Hstore is an extremely powerful and flexible datatype. By taking advantage of it you can do things that are normally high effort such as using it to create a full audit log of changes to your system.
Payal Singh
Integrated Cache Invalidation for Better Hit Rates [PDF]
Slides from a great talk given at both FOSDEM PGDay and Confoo around how your application and database can play better for cache invalidation to improve overall performance.
Magnus Hagander