Postgres Weekly Issue 48
February 26, 2014
PostgreSQL 9.3.3, 9.2.7, 9.1.12, 9.0.16 and 8.4.20 Released
An epic set of minor releases this week, principally for rolling out security fixes, although there are also some fixes for replication and data integrity issues.
The Costs of A PostgreSQL Connection
Contrary to what many believe a connection to Postgres isn’t ‘free.’ Here’s a look at the overhead of connections and some suggestions as to the solution, though in reality there are a few more options available.
Hans Hasselberg
DreamFactory: Open Source REST API for Postgres
DreamFactory provides an open source REST API for any SQL database. Generate a live documented REST API for your Postgres database in minutes. Install the free open source package on EC2, VMWare, Azure, Linux, or OS X.
DreamFactory  Sponsored
Why HStore2/jsonb Is The Most Important Patch of 9.4
As was highlighted last week there’s many things that missed PostgreSQL 9.4 and others that are on the cusp. Here’s a take from a core developer why HStore2 and jsonb are so important.
Josh Berkus
Using PostgreSQL Arrays The Right Way
Arrays in Postgres are very useful and worth looking into, although not without knowing what the performance implications are. Essentially, avoid accessing positions directly in arrays, as there’s a better option.
Dan Robinson
Creating Triggers In PostgreSQL
Need replication of data, auditing of changes in your DB, or enforcement of business rules? Triggers can help and this article highlights how.
Shiv Aggarwal
Streaming Replication Slots in PostgreSQL 9.4
If replication has been a mystery to you in Postgres, here’s a great dive into one specific piece: replication slots.
Craig Ringer
PostgreSQL, Aggregates and Histograms
Postgres has an abundance of built-in functions, some of these are commonly used, some less so. Taking advantage of some of the mathematical ones you can easily generate histograms directly with SQL.
Dimitri Fontaine