#​491 — February 1, 2023

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Transaction ID Wraparound: A Walk on the Wild Side — "For most people it is an abstract concept, a bogeyman lurking in the dark around the corner. Many people know horror stories about anti-wraparound autovacuum tanking performance or databases that stop working, but who has ever seen actual data loss? I decided to face the beast.." Take a journey with Laurenz and you could too see data arise from "the dead."

Laurenz Albe

Ask HN: How Do You Test SQL? — Extensive discussion about the myriad of ways that people either do or don’t(!) test their SQL queries. “Try and write any complex SQL as a series of semantically meaningful CTEs” resonated with folks.

Hacker News

Does Your PostgreSQL Ensure a HA Level of 99.9%? — Percona HA PostgreSQL architectures pull together open source tools and components to enhance and harden interoperability, ensuring your applications always have access to the data they need. Contact us to learn more about our architecture.

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Coming to v16: Surviving Without a Superuser — A superuser in Postgres gets the highest privileges possible and can access anything, including, to some extent, the operating system. If you want a superuser in Postgres but not the OS, that’s tricky but becoming a lot easier in Postgres 16 thanks to this update. Robert goes into detail in this post.

Robert Haas


  • 📅 PGDay/MED is a Mediterranean-oriented Postgres conference and will be taking place in Malta on April 13. They have a call for speakers open till February 12.

  • 📅 Early bird registration has opened for PgDay Chicago 2023 which takes place on April 20 in, surprisingly, Chicago 😁

  • 📅 Last but not least in events news, CitusCon's CFP closes this Sunday, so if you want to speak, now's the time to get that proposal submitted. It's a virtual event taking place on April 18-19, so you don't even need to leave home.

Postgres's 'Supply Chain' — Every significant project relies on many others. Peter notes that a few of Postgres’s dependencies are quite fragile, although it seems none of the problems are unique to Postgres.

Peter Eisentraut

Stateful Postgres Storage Using Kubernetes
Ben Blattberg

🛠 Code and Tools

tbls: A CI-Friendly Tool for Documenting Databases — Document a database automatically in Markdown format with schemas rendered via DOT, PlantUML, Mermaid, or direct to images. By default you get documentation covering columns, indexes, relations, and other schema details (here’s a sample document). Written in Go.

Ken’ichiro Oyama

pg-lock-tracer: A BPF-Based Lock Tracer — An interesting way to dig into lock-related bottlenecks in Postgres when running on Linux. It observes the locking activity of a Postgres process by using eBPF instrumentation.

Jan Nidzwetzki

The Postgres Host You’ve Been Looking For

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Patroni 3.0: Template for Postgres High Availability — A template to create your own customized, high-availability solution using Python and ZooKeeper, etcd, Consul or Kubernetes. v3.0 notably adds Citus support.

Zalando SE

pgslice: Postgres Partitioning 'As Easy As Pie' — A tool that can either generate or generate and execute the required SQL statements to partition either new or existing tables with nothing to install server-side. Written in Ruby.

Andrew Kane

pg-mem: An Experimental In-Memory Postgres Instance for Tests — Aimed at Node.js and browser-based use cases due to being written in TypeScript. There’s a playground if you want to experiment with what it can handle.

Olivier Guimbal