#​490 — January 25, 2023

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Postgres Weekly

▶  30+ Talks from PGConf NYC 2022 — We forgot to include this in December, but it’s still a good set of talks now whether it’s learning how to secure Postgres with Bruce Momjian, figuring out isolation with Lætitia Avrot, or learning more about the MERGE command with Simon Riggs (as in the image above).

United States PostgreSQL Association

A Unique Constraint Where NULL Conflicts with Everything — Laurenz showcases range data types and exclusion constraints in creating what appears, on the surface, to be an unusual uniqueness constraint. Some good left field thinking here.

Laurenz Albe

Join Us for Season 2 of Our “5mins of Postgres” Video Series — After over 50 episodes in 2022, we are happy to get started with season 2 of 5mins of Postgres. Join pganalyze CEO Lukas Fittl for weekly videos on the most noteworthy Postgres content. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and enjoy tomorrow's episode!

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Puzzling Postgres: A Story of Solving An Unreproducible Performance Issue — Going down the rabbit hole of query plans and prepared statements. “We had a query that was particularly slow in production, but it was very hard to reproduce as we didn’t know our ORM was using prepared statements under the hood and nothing was looking problematic with a simple EXPLAIN ANALYZE.”

William Duclot

▶  Walkthrough of Implementing a Simple Postgres Patch — If you’ve ever been curious about what’s involved in hacking directly on Postgres, this is an interesting walkthrough of tweaking how b-tree search works and turning that into a usable patch. (15 minutes.)

Andrey Borodin


A Foreign Key Pathology to Avoid — If you have a many-to-many join table with defined foreign key relationships, a large number of inserts can have unexpected effects when locking parent records.

Christophe Pettus

[Free Download] Understanding Databases eBook

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A Look into WAL Compression and Recent Improvements in Postgres 15 — Taking another look at the built-in WAL compression feature because Postgres 15 has even more to offer than in previous versions.

Jobin Augustine

Debugging Postgres CI Failures Faster — Postgres uses Cirrus CI for its continuous integration system.

Nazir Bilal Yavuz

🛠 Code and Tools

pg_show_plans: Show Query Plans of All Currently Running Statements — Lets you get live access via SELECT * FROM pg_show_plans or you can join it against pg_stat_activity as demonstrated in the README.

CYBERTEC PostgreSQL International GmbH

pg_qualstats: Extension for Collecting Statistics About Predicates — Analyze the most often used predicates in queries against your database, perhaps as a way to create the most effective indexes possible. Part of the POWA (PostgreSQL Workload Analyzer) project.

Powa Team