#​488 — January 11, 2023

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Postgres Weekly

Supabase Wrappers: An FDW Framework Written in RustForeign data wrappers (FDWs) provide a mechanism within Postgres to access data on remote/external systems, whether other SQL databases or flat files. Supabase has built Wrappers in an attempt to bring a myriad of FDWs under one roof (already including ones to integrate with Stripe, Firebase, and Airtable) and to make it easier to build more.

QUOTE: “The FDW interface also future-proofs Postgres. Instead of keeping up with the latest technological advances, Postgres can instead act as an interface whenever they develop. The recent advance in AI and ML is a great example of this: AI technology is developing faster than the time it would take to build a new 'AI database'. With a FDW, Postgres can become the interface to this technology and many other technological advances in the future.”

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Faster PostgreSQL to BigQuery Transfers — The author, well known for his ‘1.1 Billion Taxi Rides’ database benchmarks, demonstrates how using ClickHouse to export Postgres tables to Parquet for importing into BigQuery is quicker than using compressed CSVs. A beautifully practical post and of obvious interest to anyone doing GIS work in particular.

Mark Litwintschik

A Short Summary of 2022 in the Postgres World — Back in December, we did a best of Postgres Weekly in 2022 issue but Avinash takes a more news-oriented look at what happened to Postgres last year, including its DB Engines ranking, releases, brand new extensions, and security vulnerabilities.

Avinash Vallarapu


Looking at Index Types in Postgres — A straightforward primer introducing common types of indexes used by Postgres including B-Trees, GIST, GIN and BRIN indexes.

Grant Fritchey

Generate Excel Workbooks from Postgres on AWS — A distinctly AWS-flavored recipe for extracting data from Postgres (both RDS and Aurora) into Excel workbooks by way of AWS Lambda and S3.

Shaik, Chintha, and Agarwal (AWS)

Free eBook Download: Understanding Kubernetes (Updated Edition)

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SUBSTR Functionality Differences Between Oracle and Postgres — Valuable if you’re involved in a migration..

Deepak Mahto

How Postgres 15 Speeds Up WAL Archiving
Jobin Augustine

Using the row_number Window Function to Remove Duplicates
Waltton Morais

🛠 Code and Tools

pg_rowalesce: Coalescence for Rowsrowalesce() is like coalesce(), but for rows and other composite types.

Rowan Rodrik van der Molen

PL/Haskell 1.1: Use Haskell from within SQL Functions — Procedural, meet functional.

Ed Behn

sqld: A 'Server Mode' for libSQL/SQLite — This is a bit of an unusual one. Rather than using Postgres’s wire protocol in front of another database, this is essentially SQLite in front of the Postgres wire protocol (the idea being apps that use SQLite - or the libSQL fork of it, anyway - can continue to act as they already do, but are actually using Postgres behind the scenes).


  • PgHero 3.1
    ↳ A performance dashboard for Postgres.

  • knex.js 2.4
    ↳ Node.js SQL query builder.

  • pg-boss 8.3
    ↳ Node.js job queue based on Postgres.

  • DenoDB 1.2
    ↳ Postgres, MySQL, SQLite, and MongoDB ORM for Deno.