#​487 — January 4, 2023

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The Different Levels of Generating Lots of Test Data with Postgres — A neat article covering not only several ‘levels’ of generating dummy data for a database (including ‘exactly to the brim’) but also why you might want to do so. A very useful post.

Kaarel Moppel

PGCon 2023's Call for Papers — One of Postgres’s leading conferences is back (for the 17th time!) and taking place in Ottawa, Canada cross May 30-June 2. You’ve got until January 19 to get a proposal in if you want to speak (or you can wait for a later call for lighting talks). Need some inspiration? Here’s last year’s schedule.

PGCon Team

Don't want to travel? The CFP for Citus Con 2023 is also still open.

A Definitive Guide to Cloud-Native, Distributed PostgreSQL — Learn what you need to know about building distributed applications with CockroachDB. PostgreSQL wire compatibility gives you the familiarity of SQL while designing and building apps for distributed infrastructure. Download the O’Reilly guide.

CockroachDB sponsor

Improving GROUP BY with CREATE STATISTICS — If you’re creating reports based on time series data, you might need to GROUP BY an expression rather than a column’s exact value – this can result in issues that CREATE STATISTICS can help address. Hans-Jürgen shows us how.

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

Some Postgres 'Hidden Gems' — Peter picks eight different useful features from Postgres 9.4 through 14 that “flew under the radar” due to being overshadowed by other headline features.

Peter Eisentraut


When tsvector Was Working as Expected on Most Hosts.. But Not on One — A tale of chasing down a curious bug.

Dan Langille

Don't Do This: Creating Useless Indexes“The worst I’ve seen was a database with 12 times more indexes stored on disk than data..”

Lætitia AVROT

Free eBook: How to Create the Best Postgres Index for Your Queries

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JSON Logs in Postgres 15 — A look at taking advantage of Postgres 15’s new JSON-based logging feature.

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

🛠 Code and Tools

Diffing Postgres Schema Changes — Making changes to a schema is one thing, but what about identifying the differences between two states? Using diff on dumps provides one option, but apgdiff can take things to a higher level.

Robert Bernier

A Look at the Pre-Release of PostgREST 11PostgREST is a popular Haskell-based HTTP server that offers up a REST API for the Postgres database of your choice.

Steve Chavez (Supabase)

external_file v1.1: Work with Files on the Server — Adds similar functionalities as Oracle’s BFILE data type that stores unstructured binary data in flat files outside the database.

Dominique Legendre and Gilles Darold