#​469 — August 31, 2022

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Postgres Weekly

Where Did the Stats Collector Go in Postgres 15? — Postgres’ stats collector keeps tabs on how many times a table or index is scanned, when vacuums take place, etc. This information is usually stored in temporary files, but Postgres 15 has moved to a more direct memory-based approach – luckily, anything monitoring pg_stat_* views will continue to work as-is.

Jobin Augustine

A 'public' Schema Change in Postgres 15 — Andreas explains how the CREATE privilege will no longer be set by default for the public schema and how this could rear its head during your eventual v14 to v15 upgrades. He concludes: “It’s best not to rely on a writable public schema at all.” More discussion (from 2020) here.

Andreas Scherbaum

Move Your Postgres Data Closer to Users — PolyScale automatically caches Postgres at the edge, making data-driven apps blazingly fast. Deploy it without writing code in a few minutes. See how fast it is with our Playground demo.

PolyScale.ai sponsor

Cloudflare Open Sources Its PgBouncer Fork — Cloudflare has been maintaining an internal fork of PgBouncer (the connection pooler) packed with authentication bug fixes and new features around per-user and connection pool isolation. Now it’s public.

Justin Kwan (Cloudflare)


  • Last week, Heroku announced a slight change of course and the discontinuation of their free plans (including on their popular Postgres service) from November 28, 2022. This provoked an extensive discussion on Hacker News.

  • 🐓 The Postgres Pets are back – no cats or dogs this week, but Holly the hen! If the humans of Postgres are more your thing, then they get interviewed too, over at PostgreSQL Person of the Week 😁

  • Last week we mentioned the release of PostgREST 10.0, a popular server that turns Postgres into the backend for a REST API, but now the official release notes are available.

  • Full time Postgres contributor Jacob Champion volunteered to be a 'PostgreSQL Commitfest Manager' in July – what's that? He explains all here focusing on why you might want to become a commitfest manager yourself one day.

ALTER TABLE ... ADD COLUMN Done Right — Adding a column to a table in production can certainly be a hair-raising experience.. Hans-Jürgen quickly looks at the implications.

Hans-Jürgen Schönig

▶  How to Become a DBA — What are the various tasks, expectations, and roles involved in both junior and senior database administration roles? Michael and Nikolay discuss.

Postgres FM Podcast podcast

How Postgres 15 Improves Communication in Logical Replication — Technical enough that few of you will need to know about this, but in short: communication between the WAL sender and receiver becomes more efficient and robust, and replication becomes slightly faster as a result. 👍

Wei Wang

Automate Schema Version Control and Migration on Aurora with Flyway and AWS LambdaFlyway is a Java-based version-driven schema management tool that supports (most) SQL databases and it can be set up along with some AWS Lambda serverless functions to deploy SQL scripts into Aurora Postgres environments on a regular basis.

Gohil and Lonappan (AWS)

🛠 Code and Tools

PostGIS 3.3.0 Released: The Geospatial Extension — PostGIS is ahead of the game by being best used with Postgres 15 (which is still in beta) but works with 11 and up. The NEWS file covers the improvements, which are relatively minor.

Regina Obe (PostGIS)

The Developer Experience You Always Wanted for Postgres

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pgagroal 1.5.0: High Performance Protocol-Native Connection Pool — Adds log formatting and rotation support, plus more. There are also some new tutorials, including this ‘getting started’ guide.

Red Hat

pgAdmin 4 v6.13
Diesel 2.0 – Safe, extensible ORM and query builder for Rust.
pg-promise 10.12 – Postgres interface for Node.js.
data-diff 0.2.5 – Diff rows across two different databases.
timescaledb-tune 0.14 – A tool for tuning TimescaleDB perf.
Cornucopia 0.8.2 – Generate Rust interfaces from SQL queries.
Psycopg 3.1 – Next gen Postgres adapter for Python.
OxideDB 0.1.6 – Teach Postgres to speak the MongoDB wire protocol.